3 WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Website

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    I have been getting questions recently like : which wordpress plugin to speed up website, how to speed up wordpress admin and which are the best plugins to speed up wordpress ?

    I have been getting these question from our guest.Now, i am ready to answer all those questions.

    In this article i will discuss 3 WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Website .Bare in mind that all of these 3 WordpPress plugins that i will show you, i am using them now on my website.Therefore, your website speed will boast by a significant amount .

    3 WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Website
    .Some of the best Performing WordPress Plugins for Speed and caching are very simply, nothing robust or complicated to understand.By using these 3 WordPress Plugins on your Website will definitely boast your loading time .

    1 BJ Lazy Load

    Bj Lazy is one of the popular word press plugin for speed optimization .It uses JQuery and degrades for non-js user.This Makes your WordPress Blog loads faster and save A lot of Bandwidth .

    By enabling this WordPress Plugin it will Automatically scal down your high intensive images in responsive designs

    2 WP Smush.it

    It is no doubt that Pictures occupy the most bytes on websites -To Be sent and received .This can negatively impact your page size . Reducing/Minfying/Compressing your wordpress images is very important.Using the Right type of images -jpg and allocating the specific dimensions of you Images canimprove your worpdress loading time .

    WP Smush.it OPTIMIZES your image files and improve performance of you website.This can be done automatically and in bulk.Therefore,no Need to optimized each picture one by one.When You Enabled this WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin it will Significantly Decrease Each Images on your server in just a click.

    Texture and Quality will not be lost

    3 W3 Total Cache
    3 WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Website

    You should read the w3 total cache configuration guide

    This is the most Popular WordPress Caching System.This Plugin is very Important for your website Speed.Popular sites like -mashable.com ,makeuseof.com uses it

    W3 Total Cache Will Improve your website by 30% in terms of speed ..Find out more detail here

    You have just read 3 WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Website
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    I am new to this forum and currently new on making website. I am software developer and i want to have my own website and i already started making it thanks for this tips on how to speed up your website.

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