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  1. oldman47

    LG G Flex 2 OTA Update Fails

    I think you will have to unroot before doing the OTA update.
  2. oldman47

    Can You Use Galaxy S6 Wireless Charger While Facing The Phone Down

    Hello, Sorry if this is a dumb question but I was thinking about the wireless charger of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Is it possible to charge the S6 while facing it down? Is it safe for the device to face it down? What will happen with the screen in time if you accidentally face it down? Just being...
  3. oldman47

    Moto E 2015 Has No Compass

    Yes, that is correct. I can also confirm that Moto E 2015 has no gyroscope.
  4. oldman47

    CM 12 for Moto E 2015

    CM 11 will not exist, as for the CM 12 we will have to wait for Motorola to release the source code.
  5. oldman47

    Moto E 2015 Performance Drop While Charging

    Is there anyone else in here getting a large decrease in performance on the net Moto E 2015, while it charges? I am also noticing some strange behavior where the screen is not registering my finger touches, but it only happens from time to time. After I am removing the USB charger, the phone...
  6. oldman47

    Background Logging Moto E 2015

    If you go to the Apps setting you can see the RAM usage for Running and Cached.
  7. oldman47

    Root / Recovery for Moto E 2nd Gen

    Root procedure is same: unlock bootloader, install custom recovery and flash superSU zip to get root access.
  8. oldman47

    Poor earpiece audio quality on Moto E 2015

    Glad to hear you have fixed the issue. Moto E is a great device.
  9. oldman47

    Is Galaxy S4 SIM Card Same Size As Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM?

    Thank you for the reply Oliver.
  10. oldman47

    Is Galaxy S4 SIM Card Same Size As Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM?

    Can I use my existing SIM card that I have on my Galaxy S4 on the Galaxy S6 that I am supposed to receive in two days? Is Samsung Galaxy S6 using a different type of card? The phone I bought is off contract.
  11. oldman47

    M9 might be shipped out on 4-8-2015!

    Well for me, this is all i see since yesterday and I keep refreshing the page every 30min: Product(s):HTC One® M9 in Silver Gold 4G 4FF PRE-INSTALLED NFC SIM Status:Your order is currently being processed. Please check back later.
  12. oldman47

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Theme Market

    Hi, I am just wondering if anybody else is experiencing a lack of selection in the "Theme Market" ? It seem as if the only themes available are somewhat girly, would also like to know if there is another way to apply themes through other means if possible. Cheers!
  13. oldman47

    Lollipop Version 5.0.1 or 5.0.2 on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    When I unpacked mine last week it had 5.0.2
  14. oldman47

    Auto brightness issue on S6 Edge

    Yes, I noticed the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge when I was taking pictures on a sunny day. Not sure what is causing it either, but hopefully it will be fixed with an update.
  15. oldman47

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 SM-T230NU CPU issue

    Yes it does. The SM-T230/NU/31 version has the Marvell PXA1088 WIFI/WIFI-3G.
  16. oldman47

    Galaxy Tab 4 bluetooth and WIFI not turning on

    If I were in your situation I would have tried to Flash the Firmware Partition or better the complete firmware. Give it a go and see if it works.
  17. oldman47

    Samsung Pay for Galaxy S6

    Hello everyone, I was very passionate about the Samsung Pay feature when it was announced and I immediately snatched a copy of the Galaxy S6. But, Samsung Pay is not on my Galaxy S6 as far as I can see. Anyone can tell me why is it missing from my phone or what happened there? Thanks!
  18. oldman47

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Drain

    What you see in the attached image, is my Galaxy S6 battery drain with WIFI turned off. So other must be the cause?
  19. oldman47

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Drain

    Yes, I have been seeing a battery drain for the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well.
  20. oldman47

    Best unlock service for Samsung Galaxy S6

    If you do a Google search, the first results page points to, while on the second page I've also found I couldn't find the prices for the latter, but the first company seems to have some pretty accessible fees.