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  1. GadgetAVI

    Stock Recovery for HTC One M9 Developer Edition

    Hey my people, I am looking for stock recovery since yesterday. Please please, does anyone knows where can I get stock the recovery for my Developer Edition M9? I installed TWRP but forgot to backup stock recovery and I cannot find one for verizon m9 developer edition. Anyone can help? Thanks!
  2. GadgetAVI

    Sony Xperia Z3 SDcard1 Not recognized

    Hello people, i update my Z3 to a newer version of firmware and after that i notice that when i want to save something on SDcard1 there is no Sdcard there... why's that ? is is firmware related or i brick my phone ? is possible that SDcard has turn dead ?
  3. GadgetAVI

    Insane battery drain after Lollipop Update

    I just update my Sony Xperia Z3v to Android L 5.0 ... i was using Kitkat before and my battery was fine, but sience i run the update, the battery drain is insane, it barely last 6 hours with normal usage and everything at minimum ( screen brightness, Wifi turned on, no Mobile Data , no...
  4. GadgetAVI

    Can i downgrade to older Version Of Android ?

    I was wondering if i can downgrade my Galaxy Note 3 to an older version of Android , right now i'm using 4.4.2 Kitkat as it was prompted to me for update... is this possible without any risk involved ? Thanks
  5. GadgetAVI

    How do i Bass Boost my Sound on Note 3 ?

    Helo Guys, i have a Note 3 N9005 and i was wondering how can i have a more powerfull Bass Boost , because comparing to my old Nokia Phone, the Note 3 is not that powerfull when it comes to sound... is there anything i can do ? i have a rooted Note 3, thanks