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    How to Resolve Invalid MMI Code Issue ?

    Probably it's not occurring for new mobile phones. Did you purchase it from somebody or from a store ?
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    How to Remove keyboard in Notification bar

    Actually, the icon will not appear if just one keyboard is visible google or not . When you enable a second keyboard, then the icon will appear up proposing the user to alternate between keyboards. Try this to enable options.
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    Why wrong country shows in Google Searches ?

    Have you checked your gmail account ? There are country option and time zone in the personal details there: may be it's using those? Try this may be time zone and country region are changed.
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    Why wrong country shows in Google Searches ?

    Hi, I'm using the HTC Desire Z and whenever I do a generic search (Hotels, for example) my phone will bring up results from the USA(I'm in Australia). I have checked every location, all are set correctly. I have tried removing location data and still i end up in the USA. It usually appears when...
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    Why HTC Incredible S Does not receive SMS

    Hi Everybody, Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile networks > Network Mode. It will be on GSM / WCDMA auto. Change it to GSM only. Hope it helps you. :)
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    Can I delete pre-installed Apps ?

    Hi, Can I delete pre-installed applications from my phone like Facebook. But not in settings only that lets you delete downloaded apps. Help me to resolve this. Thanks in advance.
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    How to fix, Video Files Won't play after 30 mins

    Hi, thanks for your good response. It's working well now. Great. :D
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    Which Screen Protector is good for Nexus 5

    Ooh, I Recommend the Nillkin Glass protector is best for mobile phone. There are also many more protector, Uppercase bounty tempered glass screen protector is best I ever bought. It is the best choice. Try this, hope you should like. :)
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    How to Connect the Android phone and PC ?

    Hi, I have got an Android S610d. I use the OS windows 7. I simply would like that my mobile phone been recognized when I connect it to my PC with USB cable. I have reinstalled the driver with (HTC Sync). Also selected the "DISK DRIVE" on the connection type of phone. I'm new and don't know more...
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    How can I recover setting of alphanumeric keypad on htc

    Can you updown to the terminal version? I haven't update till I have missed something on my cellphone.
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    How to fix Installing App problem ?

    Hi, I just did a factory reset a some days ago, everything was good for just a few days, then it happened. I was attending around in device memory. The long story tells you short. Reformatted SD, it works fine now. :) Thank you.
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    How to fix Installing App problem ?

    Hellow guys ! I'm going to install apps, but i suddenly can't install any app. I get that awful invalid URL error. Any easy repairs for a tech disputed guy ? Thanks in advance.
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    How to select again English language

    I can't believe that the English language is not on the list.? What language is it right now ? If there's no option else to change reset the tablet and hope English will be selected again. But it will delete your data.
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    Which Phone is better for web browsing and cheap ?

    Hi ! I think MOTO G is a good choice if your budget is around $200. If your budget is round about $100 then MOTO E is a pretty well choice. If you have a budget of $300 then MOTO X 1st generation is awesome choice. Samsung phones are also good choice having different prices.
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    How to stop two notifications on email

    Hi.. You can simply turn off the notifications from your gmail app. It will help out.
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    Can I text without wifi or SIM card

    I think you can't use this.. My answer is "NO".
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    How to Properly Take care of mobile battery

    Hi, Recently I've been looking a lot of posts here about many people saying that you should not let your battery discharge under 40%. My best guess is to take care of your battery is not let to charge it 100% and not let if fell down 40%. Suggestions ?
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    Can i CAPTURE my screen on Android

    I think no root required for this if you are facing problem if they said you needs something related to plants. Try lollipop it will help out and seems like a lollypop supported for rooted and unrooted phones.
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    How can I resolve SMS Issues

    I have never been facing something that before.. sound like something is not working accurately on your cell phone. My answer is you need to update your firmware. Check after updating firmware , hope it will help you.
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    How to Resolve WiFi non connection Z10 problem ?

    Hi, I have lost WiFi after updating software, after a heating problem I don't have WiFi icon and WiFi won't turn on. It says you need to have a transceiver on.