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  1. Susimi

    What's your least favorite app?

    Those battery saving apps are always a ploy in my eyes and as a strict rule I never use them. Ever. Check in you phone settings if you haven't already to see if there are some sort of battery saving functions pre-installed.
  2. Susimi

    Windows 10

    I'm probably gonna stick with 7 for a while longer and 7 will likely be on my next laptop. I don't know why but I just don't like the look of the latest versions of Windows.
  3. Susimi

    Product placement in TV shows ?

    Have you ever seen on some adverts where they try to minimise product placements? For example ads for insurance or breakdown companies often feature cars but the badges of the cars are always taken off. I've seen it with phones and computers too. The phones are clearly some sort of smartphone...
  4. Susimi

    Any idea why they named it 5C?

    I think they named it the C because of all the different colour configurations you could get it in. That' what I heard about it anyway, could be totally wrong though!
  5. Susimi

    What's your least favorite app?

    I think it's related to Google+ and from what I understand of it it's like Google's own social media network thing. Needless to say, I haven't used it either and don't intend to in the near future. I've been reading about rooting my phone so I can do away with all that crap but I've read that...
  6. Susimi

    Hacked Cars

    It's at times like this that I love having my 2003 car with minimal if any electronic equipment on it! Seriously though, the technology is getting better and with it the criminals are getting better at getting around that technology. In a way you have to admire their ingenuity but I just wish...
  7. Susimi

    What App Doesn't Exist, That You Would Like To See Created?

    I was thinking about this the other night and an app I'd love to see is a type of walking app. The idea I have in my head is that you could open the app that has your position on the map (or you set your own position to start from) and then you set a radius which creates a ring around you...
  8. Susimi

    What's your least favorite app?

    All the Google bloatware that came with my phone. It's rubbish, pretty much all of it is rubbish that I never use. The only Google pre-installed app that I do use is the email one, everything else is just taking up memory.
  9. Susimi

    Not as many apps....very little roo

    All depends on how much memory space you have on your phone, and don't forget that the operating system already takes a big chunk of usable memory away and I should imagine the memory used for it will be slightly more compared to the 3s.
  10. Susimi

    Best Game on 4S

    I really liked the Labyrinth game. The game was guiding a ball around a maze without falling into holes and getting to the finish in the quickest time possible. It's a pretty good game and there are loads of user-created mazes which extends the games longevity. Some of the maze creations are...
  11. Susimi

    What's the point?

    It's no doubt that it's to bring in more money for the company, very much like the smartwatch thing at the moment. However I do actually think the iPad, and other similar sized tablets are pretty useful. The way I see them is that they are basically a smaller, less hassle version of a laptop...
  12. Susimi

    How Predators Use Online Games To Lure Children

    Really quite worrying this stuff is going on. In a similar way it's through ways like this that ISIS recruiters are radicalising children. It's sick. Best thing to do is keep an eye on what your children use for gaming, check their friends lists and maybe watch them play a few times.
  13. Susimi

    Hacked Cars

    They were talking about this and being able to hack into any car with some sort of computer so they can disable the brakes, on a program the other day on TV. It's pretty worrying if that kinda stuff is possible. I can imagine it being possible with all these self-drive cars, but "normal" cars...
  14. Susimi

    Do you have a tracking app on your phone?

    I think my Z3C came with some sort of tracking app but I'd have to check that out for sure. If it hasn't then I doubt I would get a tracking app because I don't really see the need to. I keep my phone with me a lot and don't let it out of my sight so it's pretty safe at the moment.
  15. Susimi

    What's the future for cell phones?

    I'd say it will stay the same for a while but with minor improvements, like possibly 5G and much clearer screens. I wouldn't be surprised if flip-phones make a comeback but with a smartphone touch added to them.
  16. Susimi

    What's Your Favorite Calendar App?

    I'm not sure if it's Google's or not, but I use the stock calender app on my phone and it does what I need without any hassle which is what I need. With something like that I just want it to work with no fuss and it does that.
  17. Susimi

    What video games are you playing?

    Ahh Taxi Driver! That was a great game that was. I played it a bit on PS2 through rental copies but unfortunately never got around to buying it, even though I said I would. Loved racing around in that Chevy Bel-Air style car.
  18. Susimi

    Do you prefer big or smaller phones?

    4'6 for me is more than enough. Anything else just feels a little too cumbersome for me and doesn't really feel good for me. The bigger phones are nice but they are just not for me, so 4'6 is perfect for me :D
  19. Susimi

    Do you prefer big or smaller phones?

    What's the highest size of phone you would go? My sister showed me her new phone that was really big, must have been 6 or 6'5 and I remember thinking how reminiscent it was to phones of the 80's! I think it was either an LG or a Samsung.
  20. Susimi

    What video games are you playing?

    Has anyone tried out World of Warships yet? I downloaded it last night and although it's still beta I'm having great fun on it. I recommend it to anyone!