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  1. IonelaBoss

    CM 12 for Moto E 2015

    Hello peeps, I am looking for CM 11 or 12 for this device but I am not able to find it in cyanogenmod office site. I just got the Moto E 2015 3G version today. Any help?
  2. IonelaBoss

    Display bug on my Moto E 2015 3G version

    Hey sweeties, I recently ran into a bug with the "Moto Display" feature in Moto E 2015 (3G version). Ambient display is turned off and Moto Display is turned on. Even then, I am unable to see the time OR the notifications on the lock screen. Anyone else facing the same bug?
  3. IonelaBoss

    M9 might be shipped out on 4-8-2015!

    Hello friends, I have pre-ordered my HTC One M9 from Verizon and today they have charged me for it. That means the phones might be shipped out today, on 4-8-2015! Hoping for the best!
  4. IonelaBoss

    Galaxy S6 Edge heating very easily

    Is there anyone else in here who has the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and has observed this heating problem? I've only used my phone for light stuff like browsing Technobezz, Twitter, Reddit, etc., but doing so causes my phone to noticeably warm up as if doing some heavy duty stuff, especially if on...
  5. IonelaBoss

    How to root Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

    Hello, I was unable to find the Galaxy Tab 4 section so I am posting here. Is there a root method for Galaxy Tab 4 7.0? How to root Galaxy Tab 4 7.0?
  6. IonelaBoss

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Drain

    Hello people, I am facing a problem where my Galaxy S6 battery has been drained out just by sitting idle / on standby. I am checking the battery usage and I can't find anything unusual. The Galaxy S6 is brand new so there are only two possibilities for the battery drain: either a factory...
  7. IonelaBoss

    How to boost my wifi range on IOS 7 IPhone?

    How to boost my wifi range on ISO 7 IPhone? I need to know how to boast Wifi Signal on my Iphone 5 running IOS 7? I was able to connect to a internet connection but, i have to go near to connect to it. The modem it’s self is strong and i know there is nothing wrong with the Modem.The problem...
  8. IonelaBoss

    How to cancel a Nexus 9 order from HTC?

    How to cancel a Nexus 9 order from HTC? Hey, can anyone tell me how could I cancel an order for a Nexus 9 from HTC? I found it at a local store and I could save more time this way. I can’t seem to find how to cancel it on the website or anywhere. Any ideas?