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  1. Charlie

    I Need Help: I Got Stuck After Using ODIN Root

    Hi all, Can someone explain to me what went wrong? I used the ODIN Root for my Galaxy S6 Edge (model 925). I did everything, downloaded the proper zips and exe's and all, and began to root. Everything was going fine, my ODIN exe told me everything was fine, and my phone boots up... ...and...
  2. Charlie

    Is T-Mobile Galaxy S6 working with Verizon SIM card?

    Heey, I remember the SIM card from Nexus 6 used to work from Verizon to T-Mobile with no restrictions or problems. Has anyone tested out if it is actually working for the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge as well? That would be amazing.
  3. Charlie

    Will T-Mobile S6 Edge work with AT&T bands?

    Hello all! Tomorrow I am expecting my T-Mobile S6 Edge and I was just curious if I will switch to AT&T, will the phone be able to take advantage of all the bands from AT&T? Will there be any problems or something that is not compatible? Thank you
  4. Charlie

    Power button doesn`t work

    I need some help with finding data on my water damage S3. I left my phone into the jacket and I put it in washing machine. When I noticed, I took out the battery and SIM card and dry visible water with cloth. Then I left it in the air for 2-3 hours before putting them back and pressed the power...
  5. Charlie

    Internal memory error

    I have a HTC One and i have a problem . I don`t have to many apps, only 5, but it shows up a message regarding internal memory continuously. I don`t know where is the problem, what`s this internal memory error and why did I get this ? Any solutions ? :mad:
  6. Charlie

    Transfer Memos

    Guys, If I want to transfer Memos from Samsung galaxy Y to Samsung Galaxy ACE, how can I do it ? Thx in advance :)
  7. Charlie

    Screen frozen

    My Apple iPhone screen is frozen, locked up... And the force quit doesn`t work :-?? I didn`t do any update. This come out of nowhere ....
  8. Charlie

    Unable to play music

    I`ve added around 10 gb of music, it plays, and after a while it says I`m unable to play this type of audio. Anyone knows if this is my SDcard issue or anything else ? THX :oops:
  9. Charlie

    Unlocked bootloader on T-Mobile

    Do you have any idea if will lollipop update brake root & unlocked bootloader on T-Mobile for my Note4 ? :D
  10. Charlie

    How can I enable volume warning ?

    I have a question for you, guys. Do you know how can I enable the volume warning after disabling it ? Because usually, when I restart my device, it would be back. Now I`m running Android 5.0.2 and the rules changed... Since this update, this is not the case anymore . Thank you :(
  11. Charlie

    Front camera shuts itself

    I seem to have some problems on my Z3 when the front facing camera starts. Whenever I try to take pictures with the front-facing camera with my phone facing down, the screen shuts itself for 4-5 seconds after the camera starts.My phone is totally stock, has Apex Launcher installed... if that'll...
  12. Charlie

    How to fix U410 Touch Battery Not charging issue

    I notice last night that my brand new Lenovo U410 touch is begin to stop charging the battery when it reaches 59-60% Usage. I got message which appears an the screen as soon as the reaches 59% in the tray is that it is connected but not receiving any charge. when I go to Lenovo Energy Management...
  13. Charlie

    No 5Ghz network on Moto G ?

    When I buyed my Moto G, I was expecting this phone to have dual band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz wi-fi. Am I the only one with Moto G and this issue ? Because mine doesn't see 5Ghz networks, and Wifi analyser app can't be set to 5Ghz. I asked for many views and few people tell me something about beeing dual...
  14. Charlie

    I can install apps with a phone and use them witch my watch ?

    Hello ! I want to buy a lg g watch and i `m thinking if I can I install apps on my android phone, install them to my lg g watch, and then when I go away, still use those apps. And I also wanna know if you have any idea if I can get notifications on my watch without the phone.
  15. Charlie

    Don`t fit my screen

    Note4 users, Does anyone know what resolution I should be looking for to fit my screen ? One which best uses the highest resolution but also makes use of the screen size. I don`t want to crop so much when I want to set a wallpaper from the images that are my phones advertised dimensions. :(
  16. Charlie

    No auto connect to wifi

    guys... Same old problem... I connect my iPhone to a network, then enter the password, and everything is ok until i go out of coverage. But when i go back where I can connect, the phone scans/finds the saved network but does not connect auto, i have to turn off/on wifi again and again and then...
  17. Charlie

    Modules for OnePlus

    Hi, guys I really want to know what are the names of modules that turns off wifi when not in range and then turns it back on when it is in range, to block Youtube ads, switches from data plan internet when not at home, turns off data plan when at home and also multi-tasking feature such as mini...
  18. Charlie

    What is the Best browser for Nexus 9 tablet

    If I want to choose the best browser for nexus 9, with the least lag and heat, what is best? I have Chrome.... is not so bad in using but it could take more than 6 seconds for this browser to close, sometimes in slow motion. Thanks !
  19. Charlie

    Problem fixing TWRP backup

    hi friends, I rooted my Moto X today . Titanium Backup froze Motorola OTA, because I want 4.4.4 I got it installed busy box and now I am trying to backup with TWRP but I get this error like " Unable to create folder:/data/media/0/twrp and "failed to made backup folder ". What can I do to fix...