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  1. Diane Lane

    What App Doesn't Exist, That You Would Like To See Created?

    I was going to post about one I have been wanting and needing for years, that I was promised a couple of years ago, but just double checked before posting, and I see that there's finally a (beta) app for it in the Google Play Store. Hopefully it will work out, because it's been difficult to be...
  2. Diane Lane

    How Predators Use Online Games To Lure Children

    This is an important read/watch for parents, grandparents, teachers, and really, anyone else who cares about children (in a non-perverted way), and please be sure to share it with others. It's really disgusting to me to know that so many of these adult predators (and yes, some are other...
  3. Diane Lane

    Hacked Cars

    This is one reason I don't trust the self-driving vehicles. They can install all the security measures they want on these and other vehicles, but I don't think they will be invulnerable to hacking...
  4. Diane Lane

    Trustworthy Places to Get Android Tablet Apps

    Are there any trustworthy places to get android tablet apps, other than the Google Play store? I've noticed a lot of the apps in the store state that they're for phones only, and won't work for tablets, which isn't good, since I'm looking for apps for my tablet. I thought for sure Receipt Hog...
  5. Diane Lane

    What's Your Favorite Calendar App?

    I thought maybe the calendar on my Samsung tablet would work like the Apple one I was using, but it doesn't. Although it seems fine as a calendar, I'm looking for one that will show me a month at a time, with appointments showing. It doesn't actually have to show the appointments, just that...
  6. Diane Lane

    Amazon Prime Day & Walmart Rival Sale

    So, apparently it's a big day for shopping deals on both Amazon and Walmart. Have any of y'all taken part in the shopping frenzy and gotten any new phones, tablets, or other electronics?
  7. Diane Lane

    Got Sex Offenders? (App To Help Locate Them)

    I used to work with children, and their parents were always amazed when I would get on the computer with them and show them all of the sex offenders living in the vicinity of where they lived, or where their children went to school, or played. I was looking around last night in the app store...
  8. Diane Lane

    Job Opportunity - remote developer for Playstation 3 & 4

    I saw this job listed, and thought maybe someone here would be qualified, and interested in looking into this opportunity. I have nothing to do with it, other than seeing it elsewhere, and posting it here, but it seems legitimate to me. It's a remote position, so you can do it from home, and if...
  9. Diane Lane

    Apps for Windows Tablets

    Many years ago, I had 2 windows smart phones, but back then there weren't many apps that would work on the devices. I loved the other features, but unfortunately, many didn't function due to the network I was on not working well in the area where I lived. I know that was the issue, because I had...
  10. Diane Lane

    Trivia Crack

    Does anyone play Trivia Crack? I think I'd be interested in playing, but from what I've seen, it's only available as interactive, where you play against others. I get impatient waiting for people to respond, so prefer to play games that are single person, so maybe I should skip Trivia Crack and...
  11. Diane Lane

    Anonymous Posters

    When you view a thread (anywhere, not just here) with all posts from Anonymous posters, do you think the person is simply talking to and replying to him/herself? I just read one and it made me laugh, because that's how it seemed, so I thought I'd ask y'all. :);):p:D
  12. Diane Lane

    Do You Think It's Worth It To Buy A Used S2?

    I've heard that the S3 and S4 aren't worth upgrading to from the S2, so I was wondering, if you had a limited budget, and were looking to get into the Samsung Galaxy market, would you bother to buy the S2, or is there something else that would be a better buy for around the same cost?
  13. Diane Lane

    Is there a way to verify whether an IMEI is clean?

    I see a lot of devices listed for sale on various venues online, and have considered buying one, but I'm not sure how to verify before buying that the IMEI is clean. Is there some sort of online clearinghouse that one can check with to ensure the number is clean, prior to purchasing the device...