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  1. Oliver

    Root / Recovery for Moto E 2nd Gen

    Hello everyone, Could someone tell me if Moto Tool can Root and apply Recovery CWM ? I did Moto E 1st Gen bootloader unlock and it worked, does the Moto E 1st Gen Root Procedure Works in Moto 2nd Gen as well ?
  2. Oliver

    Galaxy Tab 4 bluetooth and WIFI not turning on

    Hello, I have a Galaxy Note 4 that is 1 month old. I went to vacation then when I came back, the Bluetooth and WIFI were no longer working. I am trying to repair my Galaxy Tab 4 for over 1 week but no success. The problem is that the button that should turn green when WiFi/Bluetooth is on...
  3. Oliver

    Direct dial widget for Samsung Galaxy S6

    Sorry for posting such a nub question but I simply cannot find the option that allows me to add Direct Dial widget / shortcut on the home screen of my Samsung Galaxy S6. The one touch dial is something I use regularly on my S5. Can anyone help me and explain how to add direct dial widget on S6?
  4. Oliver

    How an iphone is unlocked

    Hello, I have the iPhone 5C 8GB and it is locked to Verizon. Since yesterday, I want to change to T-Mobile network so I bought a new SIM Card, but the phone not working when I insert the new SIM. I did a Google search but I am not interested in Gevey SIM or modifying the device. How an iPhone...
  5. Oliver

    How to have more iPhone Storage

    Hello, I have bought the iPhone 6 16GB version 1 week ago and I put all the music I love and 2 HD movies and now the 16 GB memory is almost full. I am assuming there is some phone hacks to increase storage? Can iphone jailbreak increase storage? How to have more iphone storage? I want to...
  6. Oliver

    Nova Launcher Constantly Turn Off My Phone

    hello, i just install Nova Launcher from PlayStore, it is a great launcher, but now my phone is keep turrning Off everytime when i unlock it and start the launcher... i get an error that say Nova launch stopped and then the phone get turn off... :(
  7. Oliver

    Strange Problem with My Galaxy S

    hello guys, i have had my phone for a few months now and it was working ok, for a few days it start acting like crazy, randomly reboots, turn off, phone call hang out by itself etc... i said ok, i will flash again the original GB and it would be fine... Well, while i was in recovery Mode to...
  8. Oliver

    I got error 7 Status :(((

    Hy guys, i just try to flash CM 11 unoficial, but while i try this i got error 7 Status on the screen ... o_Oo_O
  9. Oliver

    Help , My Sound is Dropping while i watch Movies ! :(

    hey guys i just noticed a frequently sound dropping while i watch movies on my Note 1... from time to time the sound is muted completly for a few seconds and then is back to normal ... why is that ? :( Any ideea ?
  10. Oliver

    How can i see how much % battery i have ?

    hey Guys, i'm new into Android Phone especially into Note's , i just got the Note 2 from a local shop in White color, is awesome, but i;m still wondering about all the options and where are they ... for example i cannot find the % battery percentage, it only display the battery but not the...
  11. Oliver

    How can i Turn Off Contacts Sync ?

    Hello , i would be shot in this matter, i have use my brother Gmail adress to sign on Youtube and i don't have any ideea how is that, but then when i bought my Galaxy Note 2, my brother let me use his gmail adress in order to purchase games from play Store, now all my contacts from my phone...
  12. Oliver

    I can't save downloaded files - Error No SD Card

    hello fellows, i'm using my Galaxy nexus on a daily basis, recently i install Google Chrome because the Opera always crash in my Phone and when i surf the internet is working flawless, but when i try to save something from the internet, dosen't matter if it's picture, music or movie, i get an...
  13. Oliver

    How do i stop the screen to turn on always ?

    hy guys, i have a problem with my Galaxy Nexus, i've noticed this problem a few days ago... as soon as i turn the screen of, suddenly is turning On again by itself, i tried to remove the battery and it seems is ok for 20 min, after that the problem appear again, this is very frustrating because...
  14. Oliver

    Help ! GPS is late in fixing locking any satelites !

    Hy guys, i just purchase this phone a few days ago, and beside the fact that i have KK, the phone is completly stock, no rooted or anything... what i noticed and this problem is kinda annoying for me as i work as a driver, i need to use GPS unit on this phone, and is locking the satelites in...
  15. Oliver

    [FIXED]How to Fix Touchscreen Problems in iPhone?(Unresponsive)

    how can i fix my new Apple Iphone 6 Touchscreen not working?… i got the phone recently and whenever i touch the screen it is not responding, nothing seems to be touching or clicking.I have clear my apps cache but the problem still exist.I do not want to buy a new phone because the IPhone 5 is...
  16. Oliver

    How much money can 100,000 visitors per month give you with adsense

    How much money can 100,000 visitors per month give you with AdSense? I really want to know how much page views, impression ,time and visitors it takes to get good much from Google AdSense
  17. Oliver

    Samung Galaxy Centura phone

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Centura phone. I keep getting a connection timed out. It happenes all the time when I am searching in Google play store. Why is this happening? Thanks Deb White