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  1. pwarbi

    iPhone 6, what's your general take on it

    And that seems to be the general consensus of opinion when it comes to the iPhone 6. It's nice, but it's not a great deal different from the iPhone 5. The size is also an issue that's split opinion aswell, some like the bigger screens while others hate them, and put the screen size down to the...
  2. pwarbi

    So would you still buy the S5?

    Like I've said in a previous post, the S5 is certainly an alternative if you're not concerned with the features the S6 as to offer. The price is also becoming a major factor now aswell, as the S6 gets better established, the price of the S5 is starting to drop considerably.
  3. pwarbi

    New iPhones

    There's obviously going to be two sides to the way you look at new phones, the manufacturers side, and then our side, the consumer. As a manufacturer, it's obviously important to get your device selling off the shelves, it's no good quoting sales figures that include bulk orders by stores...
  4. pwarbi

    Almost switched to Apple

    In my experience between iOS and android, when it comes to speed and usability, the specification of the device, I found it to be the other way round and android just had the edge over iOS.
  5. pwarbi

    I don't like the "leather" back

    The IPhone 5c was definitely aimed at the younger market definitely, like you said the price wasn't as much as the iPhone, and you could tell by the colours that they had certainly aimed it at that market aswell. I guess it just goes to show that it's not just the specification of a phone that...
  6. pwarbi

    I don't like the "leather" back

    I'm not a lover of phones that are different colours. I'm more traditional and tend to stick with silver or black to be honest. I remember when the iPhone 5c came out and the main selling point was that it came in a variety of colours, and I remember thinking, that would put a lot of people off...
  7. pwarbi

    iOS 9 is coming!

    I didn't say they would deliberately botch the update, I said they would optimize it to work on the flagship model. The new device is more powerful and has higher specifications than the others do so would be able to handle an update better Apple could design a separate update that's aimed at...
  8. pwarbi

    Galaxy Note 5 Rumors Don't Sound Good

    You'd have hoped they've done their research to make them sort of changes, but I'm more inclined to think they've made the changes because it's easier and more convenient for them, rather than the consumer.
  9. pwarbi

    How long do you expect the S6 to last?

    A lot depends on the models of the phones aswell. If they're releasing the same phone, just with a slightly updated specification then for me that's not right. What a lot of manufacturers will do though is release different models across their entire range, so people have the option of picking a...
  10. pwarbi

    How much space do you actually use?

    Haha, I was going to say have you still got the Nokia 8210 or something! 8GB sounds a bit better, while I think most people go for the 16 and the 32, I think that the 64 GB devices are a little too expensive at the moment for what they ar, so the middle sized options are understandably more...
  11. pwarbi

    Trustworthy Places to Get Android Tablet Apps

    Even though most of the apps on the Google play store say they are optimised for mobile phones, a lot of them do still work on the tablet aswell as far as I know. I've just been through the apps on my tablet, on a deleting spree, and I've noticed that most of them have said they are designed for...
  12. pwarbi

    How much space do you actually use?

    Can I ask what phone you've got, 4GB does sound very small as I thought the lowest storage space on a mobile device was around 8GB. On a lot of the modern smartphones the actual OS is around 3GB!
  13. pwarbi

    iOS 9 is coming!

    I'm also going to be a bit wary of the better battery life statement aswell. If you have the latest iPhone then you might get a small saving as I'm sure that's what the new iOS will be developed on and aimed at. Like you say, if your using an older device I also think it will have opposite...
  14. pwarbi

    How long do you expect the S6 to last?

    For the consumer, I think in some ways it's a good thing that people always want to be able to buy the best that's available. It keeps the phone manufacturers on their toes and means they're constantly trying to improve their devices. I do think though that they need to reign in the release...
  15. pwarbi

    What are LG G4 Specs and features?

    I think to a certain extent they're doing well, better than I think people originally thought they would, but at the same time, I think they still have a way to go if they're going to compete with the big boys, especially where sales are concerned.
  16. pwarbi

    What are LG G4 Specs and features?

    LG are still a bit of a niche manufacturer when it comes to the mobile market. While a lot of the reviews are positive, people still aren't overly convinced by the devices, and as others have said, the specification of their latest flagship device, isn't anything amazing. For a company that's...
  17. pwarbi

    Always On VPN eats battery

    While the problem still hadn't been fixed, I have to say that HTC customer care is usually pretty good and it does sound like they are at least trying to help and look into the issue. Like I said, even though it's not fixed, the help you've got is probably a lot more than what your get from...
  18. pwarbi

    Removing built-in bloatware on SG5?

    To delete apps that already come installed on to your device, the only solution is to root your phone. Personally I'm not a fan of rooting, but if you feel like it's the only option for you then there's plenty of sites around that will show you the best and safest ways to go.about doing it.
  19. pwarbi

    How loud do you keep your volume at?

    How loud you keep it will obviously depend on the environment, if your in a busy, noisy area then your obviously going to have to increase the volume. I've always found that I usually keep mine around the halfway point, depending on where I am, that seems to be about the most acceptable level.
  20. pwarbi

    I don't like the "leather" back

    That's the device that I was thinking of, so I guess LG aren't the first to offer that on their phones although I have to admit, on the BlackBerry it does look a little out of place. Then again it's hard to imagine now that at the time, that was one of the flagship devices to have. How times...