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    getting 3 hours of screen time on my Galaxy Tab

    Damn, 3 hours? I agree with Josh or yourself, it could be a bad battery or overcharging...
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    What video games are you playing?

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    Almost switched to Apple

    You've made a great decision. I have made a poor one in the past with the iphone 5 now I'm just waiting for my contract to be over so I can go back to Android.
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    Iphone 6 battery drains very fast

    I just feel like it's a part of the iphone's characteristics. I've had two apple phones and they were always draining really fast. I feel like the 6 isn't as worth it when it comes to the battery life.
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    At 190 dollars is it worth it?

    I was unaware Amazon even had their own phone! I'm waiting for some reviews so I can make a choice for a new phone! LOL
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    Why my phone WIFI turns on by itself ?

    Having Wifi turned on by itself causes the battery to drain by itself? I didn't know that. Is it just this phone or all phones have the capability to do that?
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    How much a iphone 5 cost

    I don't know how much it could be now but I think I got mine during a special sale for $99 for the 5C version.
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    How much money can 100,000 visitors per month give you with adsense

    Probably not a lot. I heard it could probably take millions of visitors to start seeing great adsense income. LOL.
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    Don`t recognize headphones

    This happened to me once on my iphone. I'm not sure if this is for all brands, but some like when you use only their products on their items. Like the apple's earphones with the iphone and not general earphones from CVS or target or the gas station. LOL
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    phone turns off when I recieve a call

    I was having this issue with one of my old phones but the josh's suggestion is what helped me.
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    Is there a "best Android phone?"

    And thank you, btw. LOL
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    Is there a "best Android phone?"

    I heard that HTC's are probably the best way to go. I don't have any specifics in mind. Maybe just the latest best Android phone. LOL
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    What a Disappointment By Samsung Latest Launch

    From what I can read here, I see that this phone is not something that people would recommend anyone I guess.
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    Camera can`t take pictures anymore

    Thanks Beny I had this problem too. LOL
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    Is there a "best Android phone?"

    I am looking for a way out of the iPhone community and back into the Android community. Problem is, when I first got into android it was when it first came out. So obviously it was a crappy time. But now I'm hearing that they're stepping their game back up and I just see so many galaxies and I...
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    Battery life goes down

    I thought any battery no matter what kind, if you charge it and use it, over time it'll get tired and old and just drain faster anyway. Maybe I'm wrong. LOL
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    How an iphone is unlocked

    Same here. Thanks so much puru! I gained so much new information I never knew before! I almost wanted to throw this phone out but now I can try again. LOL