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  1. IcyBC

    Has Anyone Updated to the New Version 8.4 Yet?

    I just received a notice that a new version 8.4 is ready to be updated, but I haven't done it. As the new update comes out, I am really reluctant to do so since I had so much trouble with the last one. Nothing runs right, and confusing the heck out of me because I thought something was wrong...
  2. IcyBC

    What Is The Best Browser For iPad?

    I am looking for a light and fast browser for my iPad. Firefox and Chrome didn't do it for me as something seem off about them. Anyone has a suggestion of a great browser to recommend. I am multi-tasking a lot, and I can't sit still to work on just one site. I need to work on multiple sites at...
  3. IcyBC

    Which Service Provider Offers the Best Deal For iPhone 6?

    My sister wants to get the iPhone 6 since she does lots of businesses on her phone and was looking for a bigger screen phone. Her service provider is AT&T and they had recently stop their contract program on June 1st. To get the iPhone 6, it will now cost her $700. You all know that Verizon...
  4. IcyBC

    How To Clean Out iCloud to Save Space?

    My iCloud storage is nearly full and I kept getting the annoying notification to upgrade! I don't want to upgrade for more storage as I really can't afford to pay for it. Thus, I went online and deleted some photos, but it doesn't seem to do the job as I still get the notification. Anyone know...
  5. IcyBC

    Can I Run Apps On An Android Phone Without SIM Card?

    My old Android phone is still working just fine, and I was thinking of download some money making apps on it and use it for the purpose of money making. I don't have a SIM card for it, and of course I can buy the SIM adapter and put it in. Before I go out and buy it, I just want to know from you...
  6. IcyBC

    Does iPhone Need Antivirus software On It?

    I am using Avast Antivirus protection on my Window laptop, and once in a while it told me that I could use this protection on my phone. I have heard that Apple hardly ever get virus or hack into, but I am not sure that this is true. This is the first time I have an iPhone and iPad. So far, they...