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    Text Auto Reply, how to Fix ?

    Hi, I have an HTC Inspire and when I get a message from one specific person my phone starts a reply automatically with, I will call you back, I'm busy. How to remove these Auto replies. Any idea please.? Thanks.
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    How to Remove keyboard in Notification bar

    I just took my Nexus 5 operating today. I installed application of keyboard and the whole time I use the APP and there is a small keyboard icon that displays up in the notification bar at the top left corner. How can I remove this icon? Help please.. Thanks
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    How to solve Microphone issue after Lollipop OTa..?

    Hello, After upgrading to Lollipop OTA nobody here speaks unless I trade it to speakerphone. Never had this issue before. Help me please. Any ideas?
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    How to Resolve Blurry Photos Issue ?

    Hi, When I try and get photos with my nexus 5, all photos are blurry, its bothering. I was sampling too show my assembly of Johnny Cash details, all pics are foggy. I require an app that contains better photos please. Thanks
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    How to fix HTC sense Password

    Everytime my phone syncs HTC sense I get a notification in my drop down bar telling me to re-enter my account password for HTC sense. Really annoying does anyone know a fix?
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    How can I recover setting of alphanumeric keypad on htc

    Hey everybody, I have HTC mini and just did system update, When writing text messages and like this, I have lost setting of Alphanumeric keypad.I hate "QWERTY" Keyboard, how do i recover it back ?? Help......
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    How to find app that is suitable for Sortabale List

    Hi everybody ....! I'm trying to find simple APP that is able of sorting the list Alphabetically. If you know something about this so help me. Thanks.
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    Need help to withdraw pop up and Google play

    Hello, I have kinds of pop up ads that appear it is coming from Google or somewhere else. These ads don't look all the time, but they pop up there and here. How do I get free of them ? Suggestion please.... Thanks
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    How to Mirror PC Screen on Android Phones ?

    Hay ! Is there any way to mirror with any software PC screen on android phones... ? Thanks
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    How to Regain the contacts and Messages

    I am using HTC Desire V Dual Sim Smart Phone. I am using it for the last year. By mistake i did a factory data reset and after that all my phone contacts and messages are deleted. My contacts and messages are really important. How can i recover contact and messages ?
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    Which video player is good for videos on the Nokia 95

    Hi, Just questioning if there is an application that allows you to watch video initializes in all or few of the following formats: Divx, .mov .rm .wmv, .mpg. .avi Waiting for response. Thanks