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    How to Resolve Invalid MMI Code Issue ?

    Hi, I bought the HTC Wildfire S. But I can't make any phone calls when I try to make a phone call, it just rejects it and says " Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code". Need help. Thanks in Advance.
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    Text Auto Reply, how to Fix ?

    Are you sure it is not related to the call Reject ? The message you quote is the default for that. See settings when you are in the phone. Can't recall how you turn on or off the reject messages though.
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    How to Solve the Network Disappear Issue

    Hi, Dropped my three week old Nexus 5 on the way... If you look at it, everything just looks fine. Apps work, WIFI works BUT I cannot pick up a mobile network. It's just showing a black signal. I try to go into Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operators to lookup Networks or select...
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    How to Remove keyboard in Notification bar

    You can extinguish that by selecting only one keyboard usable. Go to Settings > Language & Input > and then from your keyboard choice, check only one. That image is there to admit you to switch between the keyboards if you have more than one chosen available apply from your settings list. :)
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    Why HTC Incredible S Does not receive SMS

    HI, I think the main issue is that your software does not have an issue, but there is a problem with your network. The right thing to do is to talk to your Network service provider and may be they can check and your problem will resolve. I hope it works.
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    How to solve Microphone issue after Lollipop OTa..?

    I have been having the same issue and had faulted it on hardware problem, but the no microphone, speaker & Bluetooth work, issue began for me later on the OTA upgrade as well. Sound like nobody know about this.. Try this. I think updating issue is occurring here.
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    How to fix, Video Files Won't play after 30 mins

    The trouble you are experiencing looks to be a bug in the Nokia Video Converter. You require an alternative. You could also try WinAVI MP4 Converter, as it is loyal and flawless.
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    Nexus 5 power button issue.Any Way to solve this issue ?

    Hi, Please help me. My Nexus 5 is extinct of guarantee and I have a Power Button hardware loser. Now the help center says that i'll need to alter the full motherboard as the power button cannot be substituted. Help and suggest some please. Thanks
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    How to fix HTC sense Password

    Same Problem with Evo 3D, I've turned off the htc sense sync for now, hasn't popped up since. Re-enter password window of HTC sense is prompting repeatedly.
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    Which Screen Protector is good for Nexus 5

    Guys ! I'm purchasing a nexus 5 soon, and I want to recognize what glass protectors do you advocate?. I'll be purchasing the spigen slim armour case. I have been expecting at the glass tr, should I purchase that or how are the other stains? :rolleyes:
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    How can I recover setting of alphanumeric keypad on htc

    Oww right! I have checked but don't understand yet how it will back. I got the same problem before some time, but it was a little and setting get back.
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    How to find app that is suitable for Sortabale List

    Hi. Color note can do that. Use it.
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    Need help to withdraw pop up and Google play

    This fact applies on Chrome I think. I have looked few threads on it. Let me check some links if i can find some links for you.
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    How to stop two notifications on email

    I'm using android for nook... Android OS. I download myMail for Android to consolidate all my emails in only one place. The problem is that I get notified on my mail and same for again on my mail. How can i stop double notification to uninstall gmail of my nook ? Thanks
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    How to resolve WiFi Connection problem ?

    Hellow My android cellphone does not work accurately when it is connected to WIFI. I even restarted my phone but same problem is occuring. Can somebody help me ??
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    Can I text without wifi or SIM card

    If you want to send text. Cellular SMS requires an active SIM CARD. I was concerning to using an static SIM and access WIFI to text and other things via an APP.
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    How to Mirror PC Screen on Android Phones ?

    Hello, I used good old tried and true VNC and try this one. There are many ways, you can choose, but as you see I think VNC is reliable. You can use this.
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    Can i CAPTURE my screen on Android

    Hey, I want to know something. I want to do a video on trick in Shadow Fight 2. Is there any choice to record my screen for capturing ?? Help me and tell me how can i do this. Thanks
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    How can I resolve SMS Issues

    Yeah! For SMS and BBM, the hardware return doesn't appear to work on the z10. Firmware is also another way, I never tried this. You can update to check. Don't know for sure...
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    How to Regain the contacts and Messages

    Hi, you can recover contacts by doing sync and signing into google. For messages, You need to install SMS backup to hold them on your SD card or in your email. I have used this before 2 years and it helped me.