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    Why my phone WIFI turns on by itself ?

    Hello, I have never had this issue until about 3 weeks ago. Normally I would not worry that I'm connected to WiFi, but since the WiFi where I work its awful and there is so many routers to select from its killing my battery. When I turn it off in my mobile settings, it just turns on. It's...
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    How to Resolve Invalid MMI Code Issue ?

    I think you have Internet Access Issue. You need to call customer services for further assistance. They will tell you what's the Issue and I hope your problem will resolve.
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    Text Auto Reply, how to Fix ?

    I have an app name TASKER that I can tell to do that, was not aware they could not do it without. Check the extra apps on your phone and remove them.
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    How is Lumia 920 Performance as compared to new phones ?

    I have recently ordered a Nokia Lumia 920 from amazon at a reliable price and was wondering how its performance and features comparable to newer Mobile phones such as the Lumia 635 which I also have. I am wondering, however, if it's going to be slower than newer mobile phones as it only has a...
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    How to Solve the Network Disappear Issue

    You need to try doing a factory reset, but something states me it won't perform any better. Same thing effected to my old Galaxy S2 before some time. Nothing cracked, nothing liberate, nothing missing, exclude cell service. A long story comes short, mother board took screwed and I got a new Note 2.
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    Why wrong country shows in Google Searches ?

    Hi, Download a program called more locals from the market, there are two or three of them, install the program and go to setting and locations, select your local and presto, everything will be right in the world.
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    Why HTC Incredible S Does not receive SMS

    Hi, I'm having some issue with my HTC Incredible S. I have the latest software update. My problem is that I'm receiving text messages too late. One of my friends send me a message at 21.00 then I get it at 21.20. It seems I get my text messages very slow. I have tried many ways but didn't work...
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    Can I delete pre-installed Apps ?

    I bought the HTC X at last three months ago. I have already insalled app of facebook and I wish to delete the pre-installed apps such as Facebook but I don't know any knowledge, So anybody can tell me how can I delete the pre-installed app such as Facebook. ?/ Looking forward to see some...
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    How to fix, Video Files Won't play after 30 mins

    Hi, I have used Nokia's Manager to encode some movie files and change them to my mobile phone. They play well in realplayer until they attain about 30 mins and then an image of the video is freezes, although the sound holds on. Help me please...!
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    How to Resolve Blurry Photos Issue ?

    Hey its likely not the app, but Open Camera is probably the best and it's free. Before taking pics you need to check the accessories, make sure your camera is focused before you get the pictures. You can try Open Camera, hope it will solve your problem.
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    Can't Sign in with my GOOGLE Account, How to fix this Issue ?

    Hi! Thanks for your response But Google does not have an option like that. All they do is have me to resent my gmail password through their own options. There is no other option to get my password emailed to me. Any suggestion, please..
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    Can't Sign in with my GOOGLE Account, How to fix this Issue ?

    Hi, I'm using HTC Inspire and I've been facing this problem for many days. An error notification expressed on my mobile phone. It states Sign in error when I click on it. It says: Google sign in You entered the Wrong password. Please re-enter your password. I'm using correct password but, it...
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    How to fix HTC sense Password

    Having the same issues, removed and re-added account, even deleted my account, still requesting password.
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    Which Screen Protector is good for Nexus 5

    I don't know about other brands, but I had spoken before. It did precisely what it was guessed to. Missed my mobile phone and stepped on it, but my mobile screen was unscathed. However, since then I haven't superseded it because blasting out 30 bucks per shoots protector is a little.
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    How to Connect the Android phone and PC ?

    Hi, it's very easy to connect to the PC you only need the data cable and drivers disc to Connect to the pc.
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    How to select again English language

    Hye ! I did mistakenly switch the language on his RCA pro to 10 tablets Running kit kat4.4. Now when i try to switch it back to English language, but in the setting English is not listed as a language. Any help how to fix this problem. ??
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    How to resolve WiFi Connection problem ?

    Tell us the model and which android version is on it. Have you checked to see if it's something with your home wifi? Sometimes its creating problem in modem or internet connection. Because any device access and some creating problem.
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    How to solve Battery Issue for nexus 5 larger or slim battery

    Hellow Guys ! I used to have a Nexus 4 which had frightful battery life, likely a maximum of 3 hours. Even later installing and setting Hell's Core Kernel, I sacked, get a maximum of maybe 4 hours SOT. Any suggestion to increase backup of my phone. Thanks in advance.
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    Which Phone is better for web browsing and cheap ?

    Hi, Can you please recommend a low price phone that is good for web browsing. Tell some reliable and cheaply phone that is good for video tracking and have other features. suggest some phone. Thanks.
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    Need help to withdraw pop up and Google play

    I'm using it as well. Don't worry. :) The bug was put into google directory and not picked up malware and antivirus scans. Can't get free of it by cleaning data and no other way to remove chrome. So, you need to delete a directory.