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    I don't think I would jailbreak my own phone nor would I purchase a phone that somebody did a jailbreak on. I think some people like to buy them because they travel to other parts of the world a lot and they are not wanting to use their own cellular service when in these other parts of the...
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    Owning an Ipod Touch

    Just because yes I have an iPhone, I would not buy the iPod touch. I think the iPod touch is similar to the iPhone without phone service. I don't think I would buy the iPod touch for a child either.
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    When Should Children Get Smart Phones

    I know that some children of 10 have a busier life than others. Like my 10 year old niece has a very busy life. She is quite popular at school and she has a lot of sports activities she is also involved in. My sister found it easier to get her a phone at 10 then her original assumption that she...
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    Cracked Screens?

    Wow, I noticed this also. I can also tell you that it is difficult for me to look through my cracked screen. I do not think it looks too good. I hate how easily the screen cracks once it is dropped.
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    Which one do you prefer Android vs iOS?

    I have recently purchased my first iPhone. I think it is still taking some getting used to. For this reason, I would still prefer to use the Android OS over the Apple OS.
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    the volume control got stuck

    I have not yet experienced this. I would think if maybe you reboot the phone it might fix the volume control from being frozen.
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    How loud do you keep your volume at?

    I am very bad at listening to loud music. I perhaps have already ruined my hearing a little. However, I try to limit the time I have my earbuds in my ears. I do not like to have the earbuds in my ears often.
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    Any idea why they named it 5C?

    I think the C for cheap is a great idea. I do not think there was a lot of money, tie and effort that went into the 5C and after using mine for a couple weeks, I am a little disappointed.
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    Finally Showing Its Age

    After reading this perhaps, I will be upgrading from my iPhone 5C and getting the Galaxy 5 or something. I guess it would stand to reason that the Galaxy is now on version 6 and that the 4 would be showing its age.
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    I love it!

    I love this review. I have been debating between the Samsung Galaxy 4 and Galaxy 5. I am not sure what my next phone will be. I can tell you I do not like the Apple phone I have right now, though. I have recently replaced my lower end Android with an Apple 5C and it is getting on my nerves...
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    Power button is stuck down

    I think if you put some oils on the button, this might work to loosen it up a little. I of course mean oils that approved for electronics.
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    Your opinions of the 5C

    I think Apple hit the nail right on the head. I think the plastic build might look cheap to some, but the plastic build is one that can be durable. This is not true of other iPhones.
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    Camera can`t take pictures anymore

    You might want to think of taking it to the repair shop. There might be something on or in the lens. This is something that you won't be able to see. You can also try cleaning the lens with a cloth.
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    Plastic Back

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I have dropped my iPhone 5c a few times also. I tried the iPhone products with the metal backings and did not like them either. In the past all I had were phone with a plastic back and I never broke them. I really love my iPhone 5c.
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    iPhone 5c color

    I chose the green one. This is my favorite color. I considered pink, but at the last minute said I am paying for the phone and that I should get the color I want.