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    LG G Flex 2 OTA Update Fails

    You can try to flash this: [KDZ][H955] LG G Flex 2 stock .kdz And then you tell us if it worked or not.
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    Abnormally High Cell Standby on Battery Usage

    Yes, it happened for me as well and to a lot of users from what I can see on other forums. It appears to be from the 5.0.2 update.
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    Can You Use Galaxy S6 Wireless Charger While Facing The Phone Down

    I'm not sure with the Samsung charger but I got the free TYLT charger from ordering through Telus and just with an extremely thin Spigen case, the phone's being finnicky about charging. Charging while the phone is facing down is not possible cause the range will not reach the back of the phone...
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    Moto E 2015 Has No Compass

    It has a gyro, install the app GPS Status The Moto E 2015 shows a pitch/roll that works. The altimeter is GPS based, not a sensor though sadly. For $150, not complaining.
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    Moto E Slow Charging

    The charging time improved after day by day usage and now it charges in 2 and half hrs. [20%-100%] and the battery backup is now more than 24 hours on normal usage.
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    Moto E Slow Charging

    One of the main reasons to why your motoE is charging slowly could be because you've kept your 3G turned on. Make sure to disable it.
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    Background Logging Moto E 2015

    If you are looking for background loggin, System Monitor Lite is what you're looking for.
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    Root / Recovery for Moto E 2nd Gen

    Yeah, I have the 3G version. it's a shame and I can't come back to stock, I can't find my model's firmware...
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    Root / Recovery for Moto E 2nd Gen

    Yes, the root procedure worked correctly. But when I try to flash recovery-cwm or recovery-twrp I can't enter in recovery mode I see a message in cellphone like "Boot Up Failed" Fastboot Reason: Reboot mode set to fastboot USB Connected cmd: getvar: partition-type:recovery cmd: getvar...
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    Root / Recovery for Moto E 2nd Gen

    Hello everyone, Could someone tell me if Moto Tool can Root and apply Recovery CWM ? I did Moto E 1st Gen bootloader unlock and it worked, does the Moto E 1st Gen Root Procedure Works in Moto 2nd Gen as well ?
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    Poor earpiece audio quality on Moto E 2015

    Make sure to keep an eye on this article:
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    What is the processor of MOTO E 2015 3G

    Honestly there is a whole lot of confusion coz it's model is MSM8926 which supports Adreno 305 but then its Board is MSM8610 is snapdragon 200 with Adreno 302. So Nothing is clear for now.
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    What is the processor of MOTO E 2015 3G

    It has a Qualcomm MSM8212. The Snapdragon marketing names are rather meaningless. Technically, Qualcomm decided to call it a Snapdragon 200, but it is about equivalent in performance to some of the numerous different SOCs all called Snapdragon 400.
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    Is Galaxy S4 SIM Card Same Size As Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM?

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 uses a Nano SIM so you would need to cut the micro sim (sim size S4 uses) or get a hold of a new nano sim from the carrier. Getting a new sim won't jeopardize your data.
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    M9 might be shipped out on 4-8-2015!

    This would make my Wednesday so much better! Let's hope they are being shipped out today!