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    How much can I get for a 2nd Gen Ipad?

    @Diane Lane gave you a great advice. I might also add that it depends on fast you want to sell your iPad too. If you are crunch for money, you can go for a little less. eBay is pretty good at telling you what is the average price for a particular device. Also on Amazon, you can check your trade...
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    Favorite Apps

    I have too many favorite apps, app for making money, app to watch television shows, and app to connect with friends online. Actually, favorite is not the right word for me, because I don't have one. I think in my case, apps that I use every day is more like it.
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    Cheap and easy tablet for mother

    I think all tablets come with basic things on it, and the price difference won't make one more complicated than the other. All you need is patience to teach her how to connect to the internet, open a browser, search for what she wants, shut down and turn on. It is just a bunch of clicking...
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    Ideas for upcoming iOS?

    I hope the iOS 9 will help with battery last longer, and multi-tasking sounds nice to me. It would be a plus if when we have to update, we should be able to see a different and things work differently too.
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    Any idea why they named it 5C?

    Yeah, the 5C is for the varieties of colors they have and it is for Verizon provider. Personally, black or white color is just fine for me, although I have a weakness for deep purple color. I think purple is the best color of all :)
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    Do you like upgrading your iPhone?

    No, I am not upgrading to iPhone 6 or iPhone 7! I am currently using iPhone 5 and it works just grade. I have a chance to play with my sister in law's iPhone 6 plus, and I didn't find anything that entices me to must have it. My other two sisters are still using iPhone 4 without complaint. Plus...
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    have you ever used online back up software?

    Not me! I have an external hard drive that I kept my data on as I really don't like my information floating around out there. Anything can be hacked, and I rather be safe than sorry. I guess I am one of those that don't trust anything in the cloud so to speak.
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    Stagefright bug: 950Million Android Phones affected

    You made fantastic point there! Hack their own system and hack it all the way to improve. But to go after innocent people should be jailed and penalized a large sum of money! The law should be tougher on this issue.
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    How loud do you keep your volume at?

    Not only low volume so I can hear what's going on around me, but I must have the window clear of obstacle too :) Call me paranoid, but I rather know who is coming onto my property, LOL..Now that air unit is in one window, I feel blocked in, and the noises are constantly on too.
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    How big is too big for your tablets?

    Oh mine is the iPad air, not the mini one and I am not sure it is the mini one. I really bad as knowing the specs of my devices and often got them all mixed up. I can't deal with small screen or the way they function. Laptop for me is the best thing :)
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    Stagefright bug: 950Million Android Phones affected

    "People who design things like this are obviously talented, and I really wish they'd use that talent for good, not bad." I always wonder about this, and that is: why they spent that much time hacking and planning viruses on other people's computers and cell phones? What do they get out of it...
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    How Predators Use Online Games To Lure Children

    That is so alarming and disgusting also! Parents are usually so extremely busy nowadays that they just let the children do what they want. So many children are exposed to new technology earlier and earlier and if the parents don't keep an eye on what their kids are doing, they will be sorry...
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    What's your least favorite app?

    I have one on my phone at the moment: the Apple Watch! It is annoying since I don't have the Apple watch and don't care for it. It came with updated version before the 8.4. Is it an app, or is it just an icon! I don't know, but it is useless for me.
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    iOS 9 is coming!

    I did updated to the latest version that the notification told me to do, the 8.4 since I hate to see that red number next to the app icon :) Haven't got the 9 notification yet, but sooner or later, it will come and I have no choice but to do it. Hopefully version 9 is smooth sailing and does...
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    Trustworthy Places to Get Android Tablet Apps

    @Diane Lane My sister has the Samsung Galaxy tablet, and yes, I use both apps. Receipt Hog is limited on what kind of receipts they are accepting, but Receipt Pal takes almost everything, even online receipts. Just to let your mind at ease, I have cashed out on both for $20 dollars on each app...