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    Will Samsung Ruin The Note line?

    Have y'all noticed that being out of touch with what customers want, or being aware of it and apparently not caring, has become prevalent throughout big business? It seems I notice this more every day. Even when told specifically what to do to improve service and keep customers happy, many...
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    How much space do you actually use?

    I'm always taking tons of pictures and some videos, as well as keeping movies I own on my devices, so I prefer more GB. When I replaced the my last device, I doubled the space up to 64 GB and felt quite comfortable with that, much more so than the 32 GB, which was almost full.
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    Do you prefer big or smaller phones?

    Sometimes our needs change, and as a result, the type of devices we're attracted to change as well. I used to have a smart phone with a stylus that I really liked, but I didn't use it much at the time. Now that I'm focused in another direction professionally, I've begun thinking that a stylus...
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    Product placement in TV shows ?

    I have seen that, and I've wondered if it was done to increase interest. I find myself sometimes more curious about the product when the logo/name is hidden, especially if it's something very attractive, such as a sexy car or sleek cell phone or tablet.
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    How do you decide what phone to purchase?

    The first consideration is who the provider will be, and whether the phone will work on their network. From there, it's a matter of sorting through which ones are available, and how they correlate with my needs. Price is always a consideration these days, as well as quality and longevity. I'm in...
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    How much can I get for a 2nd Gen Ipad?

    Do an advanced search on eBay (usually at the top right), and click the boxes for Sold Listings, entering Apple iPad Gen 2, and see the amounts they have sold for...take into consideration the condition of the devices that have sold, so look through the ones that interest you, to see if the...
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    Trouble with receiving emails on my iPhone 6+

    I'd do what @briannagodess said, and also check your settings for that app. Perhaps when you were setting it up, you clicked the wrong box for something by accident. It does sound more glitchy than that, but that's also worth a shot. I'm having similar issues on my Android tablet, which loads...
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    Product placement in TV shows ?

    I'd prefer more product placement, as long as children understand what is going on, to the typical glut of commercials that periodically takes place. It seems we watch just as many commercials, and the providers make more money now that even, via advertising dollars, yet we still pay quite a bit...
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    Any idea why they named it 5C?

    I figured the C stood for Colorful. I wouldn't say it's cheap, because it's still costly, and many seem happy with it. I doubt Apple would attach 'cheap' to any of it's products, but colorful is something that many might be drawn to.
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    How loud do you keep your volume at?

    Yes, I swear I was going crazy last night trying to figure out what I was hearing from outside. I thought it was either sirens, or the neighbors had drunk a little too much wine and were baying at the full moon, but I think it ultimately was cats in heat. I have an elderly neighbor who isn't...
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    What App Doesn't Exist, That You Would Like To See Created?

    There may be some way of creating that, with enough skills and money. I like the idea of not having to keep switching apps, especially when I'm trying to be productive. It would be nice if I had one app that would show me my two shops simultaneously, that I could use to sync listings between...
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    What's your least favorite app?

    Speaking of that, what the heck is hangouts? Is that related to Google+, which I never bothered to join? I guess that's part of the pre-installed bloatware everyone complains about and would like to do away with? I don't like having unnecessary things cluttering up my device.
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    Stagefright bug: 950Million Android Phones affected

    Thanks, @JoshK, that's comforting. My tablet doesn't have a sim card and isn't connected to a cellular network, yay. Thanks @IcyBC I like the idea of having trusted in house personnel searching for vulnerabilities that can then be addressed. That way, our information is more secure, as well as...
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    Which one do you prefer Android vs iOS?

    I'm still fairly new to Android, and have used iOS for years, so am more familiar with it, but I think each has its own strengths and weaknesses. My preference would be to have both types of devices, since I think I like some of the flexibility of the Android, but also prefer the smoothness of...
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    Where to find a durable yet inexpensive case

    I tend to purchase my device cases from eBay, since there is a huge selection and good prices. But, it depends on what exactly you want. First, I always decide what's most important, which in my case is, protection, but I also have other considerations, such as grip, since I tend to drop items...