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    Trouble with receiving emails on my iPhone 6+

    Try logging in and out then back into your account. There might be some issues with your email provider. Try if this will fix the problem. If it does not, try updating the email app. Sometimes, if an app is not updated, it crashes or appears to have some bugs. If this still does not work, try...
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    Music Apps

    I use Spotify. It is a music streaming app and it allows free users to access their music. Is SoundCloud the same? Have you tried other music apps apart from it? I love Spotify but I am willing to try other apps for my music needs.
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    Favorite Apps

    I love Spotify! It is a music streaming app that also caters to free users though they have an option to upgrade to premium. Honestly, being a free user works fine for me. I get access to all playlists though I cannot choose which song I would like to play. It is okay though as I get to listen...
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    Do you use battery apps

    @JoshK I keep the volume on mute so that there will be no sounds when I use the keyboard or when I lock the phone. This saves me some battery life. But what you said is actually true because I seldom see notifications since my phone is on mute lol.
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    iPhone Cases

    I have the simple, affordable cases. I actually collect these and change them up when I get bored with them. They are quite affordable as I got them at our 'dollar' store called Daiso which is actually a Japanese store. They have a good selection of designs and they look fine up to now.
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    Do you use battery apps

    I do not use any apps to save my battery. I am not sure if they really work and they just eat up space on my phone. Keeping the brightness low, the volume on mute and closing all apps help me maintain my battery. My phone can last a whole day through this.
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    How loud do you keep your volume at?

    Whenever my son and I listen to music, I put the volume on high. But it is only on speaker and not on an earphone. I also put the phone far from because my son will want to get it if he can reach it lol. When I listen to music via earphone, I put the volume on medium. I still need to be able to...
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    Do you like upgrading your iPhone?

    Same as you both, I am still using my iphone 5s. My hubby has the iphone 6 and I try it sometimes. But the only difference to me is its size. It probably has other differences but I am actually content with my phone. I love its size and it still works fine so I am sticking with it.
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    What would you like to see in the iPhone 7?

    I hope the next iphone will be more resilient. My iphone's home button and power button have been stuck a lot of times already and I have had to have it repaired a couple of times. Now, the power button is stuck again. I actually like the size of the iphone 5 better than the iphone 6. I hate...
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    Which one do you prefer Android vs iOS?

    I have both and I prefer the IOS. I have been used to it and I find its touch response very fast. Android phones or tablets that I have owned have a very slow touch response. I also love that the IOS is very sleek looking and organized. I love its lock screen feature and also its home screen. I...
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    How many GB do you need

    I currently have a 32gb. I find that photos and videos take a lot of space in my phone. I tend to take photos of my son everyday because well, he is just so adorable lol. I also take videos of him just so we can stock up on memories. I recorded his first step and first food etc. So imagine how...
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    How do you protect your phone?

    I have never downloaded any antivirus for my phones or tablet. I remember panicking whenever my computer or laptop has its antivirus expired. But with my phone, I have never tried installing an antivirus on it. I tend to be careful of sites I access on my phone and only go to ones that I know...
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    Is there a "best Android phone?"

    Most of my friends are either iphone or samsung users. So I think the best android phone would be samsung. Here in our country, samsung is quite affordable, even so in postpaid plans. Hence, there are a lot of people who own samsung. Iphone plans are really expensive here. I have used my mom's...
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    Cracked Screens?

    I remember my old ipod touch wherein my mom dropped it from the upper bunk bed while trying to grab my clothes. Lol. It hit the floor and the screen was cracked. I think the LCD was also damaged as there is a pink light in the middle of the screen. It still worked though but I just have to...
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    I think the fact that we were able to download the illegal apps and themes means that we had jailbroken it correctly lol. Somehow, jailbreaking just ruins a device's capability. It is of course illegal and disregarding your device's system so there has to be a conflict with it.