Top Windows 10 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed on Your PC

Top Windows 10 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed on Your PC

Windows 10 is the newest version of Microsoft’s beloved operating system, thus all new laptops or PCs generally come optimized for it. If you just got a new device and got Windows 10 running on it, you might wonder how you can maximize your user experience. Here are some Windows 10 apps that will enhance your everyday activities to the fullest.

Awesome Tube

While Windows 10 doesn’t come with an official YouTube app, there are still ways to enjoy the channel you’re subscribed to on there, or even discover new ones. The Awesome Tube app for Windows 10 allows you to use YouTube without having to open your browser. You can also save videos in order to watch them later on it, which is pretty cool. You can also search for a new video while another one is playing thanks to the picture-in-picture function of the app, very similar to the YouTube app for smartphones and tablets.

On top of that, you can even upload your own videos directly through the app just like you would on the YouTube site or mobile app. Thus, if you want to browse YouTube from the comfort of your own desktop, Awesome Tube is definitely the best choice.


If you tried out the Instagram app for Windows 10 when it originally launched, you’ve surely been disappointed and vouched never to return to it. However, the app grew tremendously due to a ton of update and fixes. Now, the Windows 10 Instagram app is as good as its mobile version, which is what most users wanted from the start. You can search for accounts, as well as take care of your own. On top of that, if you post a new picture and want to check out if anyone has liked it you can also do that from the comfort of your own desktop, instead of having to unlock your phone and open the Instagram app to check.

If you’re a social media aficionado and have multiple accounts on many platforms, then you’d also enjoy Twitter and Facebook for Windows 10 in app form. Check them out today.


Are you an organized person, or do you strive to become one? Well, Wunderlist is the app for you then. This nifty little Windows 10 helper is the perfect place to store all your appointments, reminders and even start a daily to-do list. The app is so versatile that you can use it to organize literally everything. From small things like shopping lists or jotting down gift ideas, to more grand projects, Wunderlist is the perfect Windows 10 app for those that are in need of a good dose of organizing in their lives.

Office 365

Before Office 365 came to the Windows 10 app store, we were all well accustomed with the tedious task of having to install the Office tools pack every time we got a new computer, or for some reason rebooted our old one. However, Offer 365 on Windows 10 works like a subscription service, and it delivers all the Office tools you need directly to you. With Office 365, you can use Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and, of course, Word. Subscriptions are either yearly or monthly, meaning that you either pay to use them for the whole year, or you pay them month by month.

Naturally, buying the yearly subscription is much more cost-effective, but if you’re not sure you’ll use Office tools for the entire year, it’s best you pay each month. The app works on 1TB of OneDrive storage, so your work will never get lost either.


It’s no secret that almost anyone with an Internet connection goes on Reddit nowadays. Reddit is one of the most useful and well-organized sites in the world, because there’s a discussion board filled with posts for about any topic you could think of. Cats? Computers? Disco dinosaurs? You name it, there’s sure a subReddit for it. And now you can use Reddit from the comfort of your own Windows 10 desktop without having to go the extra mile to go to your browser. How? Easy, through the amazing Readit app.

The Readit app is so great because it’s perfectly optimized to host Reddit’s famous format. The app displays all the posts on the left and opens whatever you want to read on the right, so you can scroll through posts without forgetting about what you’re interested in. On top of that, the app also has a pop-out sidebar for posting and searching specifically, which makes using Reddit even easier.


If you own a computer and love films and TV series, then you most likely know what Netflix is already. The service rose to fame due to its binging-friendly format of releasing an entire season at once, but also because it hosts almost anything you can think of. And now, there’s a Windows 10 app for it, and it works out quite nicely.

Depending on what Netflix plan you choose, it will cost you between 8 and 12 dollars a month, which is pretty amazing considering that all your favorite watchables will be at your disposal. Netflix works around a clever rotation system that ensures popular shows and films stay on their roster for as long as they need so that everyone gets the chance to see them. All in all, if you’re passionate about films and TV, you should give Netflix a shot.

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