Top Reasons To Root Your Android Phone

Android is a great operating system, but still, there are some restrictions set by the carrier or manufacturer. We are sure you are super satisfied with your phone, but the level of your satisfaction can be even greater. While you can do so many things already, there are many amazing and fun options, but in order to get the access to those options, you will have to root your device first. If you are still considering this option, and if you are not sure should you actually do it, keep on reading, because we are going to share the reasons to root your Android phone.

What can you do with a rooted Android? You can do more than you can even imagine!

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reasons to root your android phone

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Reasons to root your Android phone

We know you love your Android phone, but the manufacturer and carrier pre-installed bloatware is really annoying, isn’t it? Keep in mind that bloatware will not only affect the phone memory. It will also drain the battery of your device. The only way to remove it all, and free up space on your phone is by rooting Android.


Get the access to a ton of new apps

Carriers and manufacturers often block many apps that are available in the Play Store, and you will see in the app description that you can use the application if your device is rooted. Android root apps you can install are powerful, useful and fun. In one of the previous articles, we talked about best root apps for Android, so take a peek and see what you can expect if you decide to root your phone.


Improve the battery life

We already talked about the bloatware and many pre-installed apps you can remove only if your root your phone. All those apps run in the background, which of course has a huge impact on the battery life. With a wide range of powerful and useful apps, you will be able to install, you will improve the battery life, and the speed of your phone. This is one of the best reasons to root your Android phone.


No more ads!

You just downloaded a great app, let’s say some super fun game, but the ads are everywhere. I bet you find them extremely annoying. Who doesn’t? You cannot play the game without all those advertisements. Want to remove them? Well, you already know the answer – root your phone. Once you do that, get one of the apps that will block the advertisements. Before you know it, the ads will be gone.


A new level of customization

Customization on Android devices is pretty simple, and you can change many things, such as sounds, wallpapers, icons, launcher, and so on. But, if you root your device, you will be able to do much more. For example, you can change the animation that shows up each time when you start the phone, vibration strength, or the system sounds. You can customize everything, which is why this is one of the top reasons to root your Android phone.


Full backup

You can backup the apps or data such as photos, videos or music you stored on your phone, but if you root your device, you will be able to backup everything! The app you should download is Titanium Backup.


Explore many exciting features

Once you root your Android phone, you will have the accesses to many amazing features. How about this: playing a game on your phone using the gaming controller? This sounds great, I know! That is just one of many possibilities. The apps that were blocked by the carrier will become available, you can get the features from other devices, etc.


Get the latest Android version

Every Android user gets excited when the new version of Android comes out because it means new features and improvements. However, if you don’t own a Nexus, for instance, you will have to wait for some period of time to be able to get the latest OS version. With the rooted phone, the story is completely different – you won’t be left behind because you can use the latest Android version.


These are some of the top reasons to root your Android phone. If you really want to see the full of your device, and if you are eager to explore so many amazing things, this is definitely something you should do. There are many benefits of rooting Android, and we can promise you that you will have so much fun!
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