Top Five Common Problem With OnePlus One

Many people want to live a luxurious life. Most of which think that having wonderful technology gadgets is the only way someone can be said to be leading a luxurious life. However, most of them end up buying some of the latest gadgets on the market without knowing the consequences. Here is the Common Problem with OnePlus One.

Common Problem With OnePlus One

Common Problem With OnePlus One

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The battery doesn’t last as long as expected

A lot of OnePlus One users are not pleased with how this phone has a very poor battery life. It drains so fast thus one cannot stay with his or her phone while switched on for a long period of time.

Random reboots

Without the desire to switch off your phone, this phone decides to shut itself up without your command. It may even leave some ongoing applications and go off.

Charger overheats

When this phone’s battery runs out, it is obvious that you will need to recharge it. However, when you do that, its charger becomes hot and even heats up the phone too. This is so dangerous both to you and your phone.

Yellow tint on phone display

It has also been found out that there is a gradient that is found at the lower part of the screen. This is a problem that used to be faced by phone users in the earlier stages of mobile phones, and it has been corrected on many devices yet it is still a Common Problem with OnePlus One.

Poor or slow charging

Apart from the problem of overheating, another Common Problem with OnePlus One is that it has a very poor charging system. It consumes a lot of your time charging yet it does not get full within a short period of time like the other phones. It at sometimes refuse to charge even if you have its original charger.