Top Exciting Rumours About Grand Theft Auto 6

Top Exciting Rumours About Grand Theft Auto 6

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular ones in the videogame industry. The latest instalment, GTA 5, was a huge success and fans are awaiting the next game. Nonetheless, Rockstar managed to leave us anticipating, as no official information was released about this game.

While we did receive GTA Online, there is nothing that we know about the upcoming game. Nonetheless, this did not stop fans from speculating. Here are some of the most interesting rumours about GTA 6.

Vice City

GTA Vice City was one of the most popular names in the franchise. According to one rumour, Vice City might have a comeback in the upcoming game. However, this time there is a big chance that we will receive a bigger world as technology has evolved a great deal since the last game.

Traveling to South America

According to some rumours, GTA 6 will allow players to travel between South America and the United States if America. The source for this information appears to be an insider. This would be the first Grand Theft Auto game that take the action across the globe.

Become a police officer

In the next game, you might cross the line of law and play as a police officer. At this moment we do not know for sure whether players will be undercover criminals or simply policemen and policewomen. Since cops are very important in the GTA universe it would make a lot of sense to be able to choose them as characters.


The TV show Narcos was a real hit and it appears that Rockstar might have been inspired by this. The show comes with the story of the US War on Drugs. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a trip back to the eighties for the upcoming game. Taking ideas from the show could be a good move and it could attract more fans.

Female lead

Women have an unfavourable position in the GTA universe. Not only that there have been few female characters, but there hasn’t been a leading woman yet. This can be disappointing for many fans, as there are plenty of female players who would enjoy some representation.

It appears that Rockstar is aware about this need, and they are working to fix this. According to certain sources, there might be a female lead in the Grand Theft Auto 6.



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