Top CR’s Smartphone Ratings for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to help you decide

Sometimes a bigger phone does not do better than an average phone, and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might confirm this.

The extra-large phablet was tested by Consumer Reports, and it was rated the highest due to its massive battery and other factors we will talk about later.

Consumer Reports are testing many other phones, and the Note 9 might come into a competition with the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS which are about to hit the market this week. This company only tests gadgets that are available for buying so we will need to wait a little longer until they say something about the new iPhones.

Currently, on the market, the battery of the Note 9 lasts the most of all the other smartphones which are quite a big advantage for a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 user as nobody would like to run out of battery while in an important meeting or while you are on the phone with someone important.

The head of the smartphone testing at Consumer reports, Richard Fisco says “It will get everyone except the most extreme user through a day without needing to recharge.”

In order to have the battery of the smartphone tested the most accurately, a robotic finger was used by Consumer Reports in such a way that it would mimic what a smartphone user does with their phone. The robot took pictures, browsed the internet, used GPS navigation an made phone calls.

According to Fisco the Note 9 will last even longer after the newest version of Android which is supposed to boost battery efficiency will be released.

Fisco says that Note 9 does not only have a good battery but the overall performance of the smartphone is great. It offers strong performance, the durability is improved and does not get us started on that camera it has. Even the S Pen stylus is upgraded.

Everything sound fun and games until you see the price. The Note9 starts at $1,000 for a 128GB model; the 512GB version goes for $1,250.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Strengths

The durability of the phone is improved. Consumer Reports tests the durability of smartphones by using a tumbling machine that makes the subject of the testing fall 100 times from a 1.5 feet height. The machine also simulates a wide range of falls so the durability can be measured accurately. Even though the Note 9 has both a back and a front made out of glass, it survived the test, and it was only left with minor dings.

In comparison with its predecessor, the glass back of the Note 8 gave up after the first 50 drops. After 100 drops the display was broken as well so we can say that the Note 9 has improved durability.

The display of the Note 9 is also the biggest of all phones measuring 6.4 inches diagonally. However, the iPhone XS Max will be available with a larger screen when it goes on sale, just one-tenth of an inch from the Note 9.

When you look at both Note 8 and Note 9, they look alike at a first glans but the new one is easier to hold even thought is bigger.

In order to make room in the phone for the larger display, Samsung needed to whittle away the bezel running around the edge and also eliminate the wasted space on the face of the phone. However, this change is not that easy to spot.

After all these information, we hope you made up your mind.

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