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Each time you sign up for services online you have to create an account. The reason for creating an account is to enable online service providers to effectively manage and secure the services being offered. To ensure that the account is well secured you have to create a password. What if you have so many different accounts and each account has its own password? As human beings, we are prone to forget and it is for this reason that password managers were developed. Here is a list of some of the best password managers that can help you take a load off your mind.

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Best password manager


This password manager is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It works on the basis of secure databases in which you can save all your passwords. After saving all your passwords in one database you still have to create another password that will be used to access your database. Your password will always be safe and the best part of it all is that KeePass is 100% free.

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LastPass is also another password manager that you can consider using. It saves all passwords on an online database after securely encrypting them. The encryption is done to ensure that your passwords are safe at all times and that only you can access them upon login. This password manager is available in different versions. You can either use the free version or upgrade to the premium version which goes for $3 per month.

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Dashlane is a password manager that also ensures that your passwords are well secured. With its real-time alert feature, you will be immediately notified if someone tries to access any of your accounts. Dashlane is available in both free and paid versions. The free version limits you to save a maximum of 50 passwords. The paid version, on the other hand, gives you an unlimited password limit.

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This is also another password manager that you can fully trust your passwords. To make it more secure the developers recently added biometric authentication software. This simply means that only you can access your passwords. It also has an auto-fill feature that helps to accurately fill your forms. StickyPassword is available in both free and paid versions.

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True Key

If you are Mac user this is probably the best password manager for you. With its AES-256 technology, it can scramble up your passwords and encrypt with one of the strongest forms of security algorithms. True Key is also supported by Windows operating and is compatible with Android and iOS as well. It is also among the few password managers that is free.

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Like every other password manager, Roboform will save you a lot of time when it comes to remembering passwords. You can securely save all your passwords in Roboform with a single click. It uses a two-factor authentication system so your passwords will be more than safe.

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1Password is a password manager that will let you manage all your passwords with a single password. It uses an online vault which is used to securely lock all of your passwords in one place. It also allows you to store any information that may be sensitive. You will get a free trial after signing up on the 1Password site.

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Password Manager – Kaspersky

Like 1Password, Kaspersky password manager also uses a virtual vault in which all your passwords are securely kept. Its security system is designed to alert you in case you key in a password that is easy to crack. The system also has the ability to notify you in the event that you assign duplicate passwords to different accounts. Kaspersky password manager also has an automatic password generator that can help you come up with the best password combinations.

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