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Top Best iPhone 6, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4 Cases

There are many of different cases for iPhone. Some people are looking for colorful cases that perfectly fit with their iPhone, others like stylish ones. There are also types of cases with the function as an external battery for a person with high mobility, well known as an iPhone battery case. We are going to share top best iPhone 6, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4 cases.

Top Best iPhone 6, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4 Cases

Leather Cases

Tesla iPhone 6 Case

Tesla iPhone 6 case

At this time, Tesla sells these leather cases that are stamped with the Tesla’s name and logo for iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus. The case is made of the leftover upholstery black leather. As they explained on their official website, it’s a Nappa grain leather that is made from the smooth surface of hide/skin and is durable, supple, sensitive and moisture absorbing. There are two leather case option: the leather case at $45 and the leather wallet case for $50. On the leather wallet case, there are some credit card slots. The company claims that this version is capable of protecting against RFID readers as well. So, it can prevent someone steal credit card data.

iPhone 6 Leather Case


If you want something a bit more elegant, you can choose the leather material, but you will have to spend more money, $45 at It also can protect your iPhone 6 from inside with the soft microfiber lining, and from the outside, it will give you a premium touch with different colors to choose from. Each color is infused into the leather. It’s available in nine different colors: black, red, marigold, rose gray, saddle brown, midnight blue, storm gray, marine blue, and brown.

Monk Magnet Wallet Case For iPhone 5/5s


The material of this case is the animal-friendly synthetic leather and it’s very durable and will not loosen the texture for a quite long time. There are 3 slots available. This leather case has a thin profile. The magnet on the internal case makes it looks like a wallet. The most interesting thing is the camera hole on this case will not cause the photo disturbed with the reflection of the case itself, which is often found in the other cases. The black color option makes it suitable for iPhone 5 black or iPhone 5s space gray.

Cygnett Urban Shield Hard Case With Metal Cover for iPhone 5


This thin case has a low-profile with an aluminum back that match with the iPhone material. The edges are made of a soft rubbery material, and the case fits perfectly. There are two colors that can you choose: silver and black with the aluminum touch on its back. This case will protect the iPhone sides from a daily use. If you are looking for a basic scratch and knocks protection, but you want something that also match the iPhone’s premium touch, then this case is for you.

Totallee Slim Case For iPhone 5.


TOTALLEE slim iPhone 5 case is made of rubber. Its premium soft coating makes this case feel good in your palm and offers the anti-slip grip. This case has an ergonomic, ultra slim, and an ultra thin design. Available in nine colors: black, blue, brown, green, hot pink, light pink, white, and cyan blue. This is can be used for iPhone 5s case too. You can find a Totallee slim case at Amazon only $12.99.

Morsh Pro Piano Case 



Unique design allows easy access to all buttons controls and ports without having to remove the skin. It’s also shatterproof and has anti-scratch material. Keeps your phone safe and protected in style with its uniqueness. Noticeable- surround your device with a unique design that demands attention. Get this Unique iPhone 6 Piano Case

TOTALLEE The Craft For iPhone 4.


The to from to is designed to fit the iPhone 4/4s perfectly. This case is so thin, only 0.3mm, which makes the protruding camera almost flush with the phone, and you can see through the Apple logo and design. The premium texture adds some extra grip that makes your iPhone 4 less slippery. It’s only available in 3 colors: black, gold, and white. This iPhone 4 case can be found at Amazon with inexpensive price $12.99.

SPIGEN SGP iPhone 4/4S Case Neo Hybrid 2S Snow Series


Sometimes, the case that we use for the iPhone covers the beauty of the iPhone itself. If you are looking the iPhone case but doesn’t want to loose the iPhone identity, you can consider this case. It’s a very simple one and it’s covered by stainless steel on the entire sides of the iPhone 4/4s. It’s made of a good quality silicone and polycarbonate protection with a screen protector as well. You can get this case for $32.

 X-Doria Defense 360


This case gives you an extra protection without making the iPhone looks bulky. By using this case, your iPhone will be protected from top to the bottom. It is a two-piece, clear, polycarbonate case that snaps on and fully protects the front, back, and sides of your iPhone. There are cutouts for the camera and controls. You don’t even need to add the screen protector for your iPhone because X-Doria Defense 360 provides it for you. The price of this case is $30.


Battery cases

Apple Smart Battery Case For iPhone 6

battery case for iPhone 6

This is the first battery case that is made by Apple and it’s only available for iPhone 6 and 6s. The entire design of this case looks similar to the iPhone 6/6s silicone case. What makes it different is, the protruding square on its back. It’s also made of silicone, makes user feels comfortable when holding it. This kind of material can prevent the iPhone slipping from our hand. Apple claims their battery case is easy to use on the iPhone. There are 2 color options available: charcoal gray and white. These colors can even be matched to all iPhone 6/6s colors, including rose gold. The price for this case is $99 and you will get a 1-year warranty.

Mophie Juice Pack Air For iPhone 6


Besides a complete protection for your iPhone 6, Mophie Juice Pack Air will give you an external battery integrated with it. With the powerful 2,750 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, it will give your iPhone 6 extra battery life: up to 14 additional hours of talk time, 10 extra hours of web browsing, 11 hours of extra video playback, and 50 additional hours of music playback. You can find this thin and lightweight accessory at for $119.95.

Mophie Space Pack For iPhone 5


Mophie Space Pack battery case offers not only the protection for your iPhone from scratches, but it also offers the additional 16Gb or 32Gb of extra storage integrated into the rechargeable battery case. In other words, if you have this case, you will get the all-in-one package: protection case, external storage, and battery. The external battery can charge your iPhone battery up to 100%. Besides, it can be used as an iPhone 5 case, and also as an iPhone 5s case. The price is a bit expensive, $99.95 at, but its worth for this excellent accessory.

Water resistant cases

BKT2 Tough Series Waterproof for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.


Now, you can take your iPhone anywhere in any conditions without any worries, after you put BKT2 Tough Series Waterproof case on your iPhone. You can even take your iPhone on snorkeling trip or underwater adventures up to 3 meters of depth and capture underwater memories with its camera. With its reliable and durable silicone skin, it will cover your iPhone camera nicely. The price of this case is $11.50 at, and it’s compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 as well.

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