Top Best Free WordPress Plugins for Adsense

If you are planning to launch your website or blog, you can earn a lot from Adsense by displaying the important and interesting ads on your blog or website. So if you are thinking to make money online from Adsense, sign up for Adsense, install the best free WordPress plugins for Adsense and start earning money.

We all know that Google is one of the major advertising networks. Using Google Adsense program, Google helps many businesses to spread worldwide by displaying their ads at the top of websites and blogs that come in the search results. On the other hand, people who want to make money from their blogs and websites, Adsense is one of easiest and quicker ways for them to earn money. The ads will be displaying on their websites, and it allows the website owners to earn money as soon as any visitors click on the ads. The more traffic they will get on their websites the more clicks will be on the ads and the more money they will earn.

But it’s not that much easy to implement Adsense on WordPress site. However, do not worry; there are some WordPress plugins that can be implemented on WordPress site. Here are some best free WordPress plugins for Adsense that you can implement on your WordPress website.



AdRotate is one of the best free WordPress plugins for Adsense that you can use on your website to put ads. The plugins include the intuitive and understandable interface, and easily you can add the ads directly from the dashboard and also can manage the ads from the dashboard. AdRotate plugins support countless ads, and you can tie certain banners in the different areas on your website. There is also a facility to tie adverts in certain areas on the website. These plugins are compatible with up to WordPress 3.6 version.


Google Adsense Plugins

Google Adsense Plugins is professional plugins using which you can implement Google Adsense into your website. The plugins allow you to insert the codes of the ads on your site or blog. You will also get the facility to customize the ads by selecting the image, link color, text, color of the elements in the ad’s blocks, size, etc. The plugins are available in eight different languages, so people around the world can use it.


Ad Injection

Ad Injection is an excellent WordPress Plugin for Adsense. The plugins can add any types of ads or other contents such as Amazon Associates, Google Adsense, TradeDoubler, ClickBank, etc. Here you can control the number of ads according to the post length and the position of the ads also.


Easy Adsense

Easy Adsense plugins give you an easy way to earn more from your website using Google Adsense. The plugins offer a sidebar widget and with this, you can modify the ad’s title, content, image, search text, etc.


Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense is a WordPress plugins which is popular for ad’s management. The configuration and setting of the plugins are simple and to do these you do not need any coding knowledge. The plugins allow you to show ads on anywhere on post continuously.


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