Top Best Free WordPress Pinterest Plugins

Plugins help WordPress to do anything that you want. Pinterest has developed various plugins and it will be a smart move to integrate your WordPress site with a Pinterest account.

Here are some of the best free WordPress Pinterest plugins and you can have a look at them to know about their functionalities and download them according to the need of your site.

Top Best Free WordPress – Pinterest Plugins

Pin it Button for Images

Pin its button is very common plugins that are normally placed on the top of the post or at the bottom of the post. Also, it can be placed over an image. The Pinterest Pin it plugins provide a large and nice looking “Pin it” button in the image when you move your cursor over the image. The image gets lighten or fades when the visitors hover over the image, and this catches the attention of the visitors thus help in increasing the traffic.
There are some different settings with the plugins such as you can choose what all the information will be going with the pin, for example, the website name, post title etc.

Pinterest Follow Button

The Pinterest Follow button is another popular best free WordPress Pinterest Plugins which a type of button that includes an interesting graphic look on your Pinterest page. There you will find different pre-installed graphics to choose from, or you can upload them in your own and put the images on your site then through shortcode or widget.

Pinterest Pin Board Widget

The Pinterest Pin Board widget plugins add a gallery style where all the images will be put on a user’s entire board. You will not get the option to limit the gallery to one specific board. Using these plugins you can control the numbers of images in the gallery of your site. Three images wide really makes the look excellent.

Pinterest Pin It Button

This Plugin adds a Pin it button on the top or bottom of your post. The plugin includes different settings. Visitors will be able to see various images just by a single click of the button, or else you can set a default image also. You can choose from different sizes of the button available such as the small button, large button, rectangular or circular button etc. With this, you can select the color such as white, red, or grey button and also you will get the option, whether you want to show the pin count or not.

Pinterest RSS Widget

Pinterest RSS widget plugin provides a widget for work, but it also includes a shortcode that you can use while pulling images into a Page or Post. In sidebar widget, there are various options such as it allows you to pull from a specific board or from an entire account. Here you can also determine the number of images that you want to show up, the width and height of each image, and title of images. The plugins also include a button “Follow me” at the bottom. The button can be disabled also if needed.

The top best free WordPress Pinterest Plugins are discussed here, you can use the one that suits best for your WordPress site.


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