Top Best Cydia Sources

With every new version of iOS, Apple introduced new features to the users. When the phone is jailbroken, many other third party app platforms can be installed on the phone. Cydia is one of the best where the iPhone users will find lots of tweaks, apps, jailbreak themes, utilities and more. But before downloading and installing the Cydia apps, you must configure repositories on the iOS device. This configured repository is the online hub where developers keep on posting different contents. There are various repos and best Cydia sources for cracked apps where you will find the best apps. The top best sources for best Cydia apps and tweaks are listed here.

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List of best Cydia apps


Bigboss repository

This Cydia source is the most useful one where you will find almost everything you are looking for. All the useful and handy apps, best Cydia tweaks, mods, utilities, etc. are available here. When Cydia is installed on the iOS device, this source is installed automatically. Furthermore, the best Cydia tweaks are segregated perfectly for a better understanding of the users.


SiNful iPhone

If you are looking forward to installing the high-quality Cydia apps, this is most probably the best source where all the apps, tweaks, and other things are available at free. This is one of the best Cydia sources for cracked apps that have a huge community of more than 3000k users. This source is considered as the leading source for best Cydia apps currently.

Best cydia apps

Source –

This is another useful site that falls on the best Cydia sources list. Installous is the popular app that is available in this source. Apart from this, other useful apps such as Idone, translation, security.deb, hresources, etc. are available here. The best part about Installous is that it allows to download and install the paid apps at free and available in the apple store.



If you are a fan of iOS games and looking for the best Cydia sources for games, this site is most probably the best one for you. This source contains emulators and ROMs for high-quality games such as Gameboy, NES, etc. Also, several packs containing different tweaks, apps, modes, etc. are available in this Cydia source.



Apart from getting the best apps, tweaks, mods, utilities, etc. if you want to customize the iOS device in a better way, this source is what you can have a look. This is the repository that consists of several useful Cydia craked apps and lets you customize the iOS device the way you want.


iHacksRepo Repository

Best cydia apps

Source –

Along with offering the best Cydia tweaks, apps, mods, utilities and other useful stuff this Cydia source also lets the iPhone users customize the device to make the look even better. If you are looking to enjoying both the opportunities altogether, this might be a good choice for you.


ModMyi Repository

Best cydia apps

Source –

This repository is another interesting source of Cydia that remains pre-installed with Cydia. However, if you do not feel the requirement of this repository at all, it can be removed from the iPhone or iPad anything where you have installed it. Several exotic tweaks, app, utilities and mods are available in this source that you can install easily on the iPhone or iPad devices.


BiteYourApple repository

Best cydia apps

Source –

The list of best Cydia sources for ios 7 and later versions is not completed until the name BiteYourApple Cydia source is mentioned. This is a very useful source where the iOS users will find out several useful apps, tweaks, songs, ringtones and other stuff.



Best cydia source

Source –

If your main aim is to get loads of tweaks, this source is the best one as it comes with thousands of tweaks available in it. Using all these tweaks, you can perfectly customize the look of the phone and change the apps’ icon such as lock screen, carrier logo, folders, etc.

So, the 9 best Cydia repo and sources are discussed here. You can download and install any of them to take your iOS device to a next level. Download the Cydia apps and enjoy the iPhone at its fullest.