Top Alternative TV Options to Cable Subscriptions

Cable TV was the most important thing people could own in terms of entertainment in the 70s and 80s. Since then technology has evolved tremendously and there are other alternatives for those who do not wish to pay for expensive Cable TV subscriptions (aprox. 27$ a month).

Get a Netflix subscription

Netflix is perhaps the most popular streaming service available and it contains thousands of movies, TV-series and documentaries to choose from (10.000). Those interested can purchase the basic package (7.99$ a month), the standard package (9.99$) and the premium package (11.99$).

  • The basic package offers unlimited viewing on laptops, PCs, phones, TVs and tablets. Subscribers can cancel their account any time and the first month is free.
  • The standard package allows subscribers to use two streaming devices at the same time, instead of one and HD resolution.
  • The premium package offers as bonuses HD and Ultra HD and subscribers can use four streaming devices at the same time.

Stream videos with Sling TV

This streaming service does not require equipment and there are no installation fees. There are two packages: the Sling Orange (20$ a month) and the Sling Blue (25$ a month).

  • The Sling Orange package offers subscribers the possibility of watching 28 channels (ESPN1, 2 and 3 included)
  • The Sling Blue package offer 44 channels (FOX Sports, NBC networks, Cartoon Network, History Channel, Bravo and AMC are included).
  • A third option is to get both packages for 40$ a month
  • Get one package and chose add-on packages options (5-15 $ a month).

Hulu: an alternative to Netflix

This streaming service is similar to Netflix, but it also offers a couple of bonuses.

  • The basic package is 7, 99$ and it offers all the movies included in the Hulu library, but with the commercials included. Those who want to enjoy movies and TV shows without commercials myst pay 11, 99$ a month.
  • Hulu with Live TV package has a cost of 39, 99$ a month and besides the basic plan it also offers the possibility of streaming over 50 TV channels, such as History Channel, HGTV, ESPN 1,2,3 and more.

Amazon Instant Video

This service comes for free to those who have purchased Amazon Prime or it can be your separately for 8, 99$ a month. The streaming service includes thousands of movies and TV series of many genres, including Faith and Family movies (18, 000 movies and 2, 000 TV Shows).

Install an HD Antenna

There is no need to pay a cable package if you can install an HD antenna on top of your house. There are many types of antennas, both indoor and outdoor ones. The only requirement to have good signal is to live close to a broadcasting station, especially for indoor antennas.

There are three types of antennas to choose from:

  • Directional antennas: the best alternative for those who live close to broadcasting centers
  • Multi-directional antennas: for those who live in between broadcasting centers
  • Omni directional antennas: for those who have two broadcasting stations in opposite directions from each other.

PlayStation Vue

This is a newer streaming service and despite its name it is available on TVs, web browsers, Android TV and PS devices. There are four packages to choose from:

  • The access package: 39, 99$ a month and you will receive 50 channels, including the most popular ones
  • The core package: 44, 99 $ with sixty channels
  • The elite package: 54, 99$ a month with sixty channels plus some additional ones such as E-Entertainment, the Family channel, National Geographic, the Cooking Channel and Fusion
  • The ultra package: 74, 99$ which includes all the channels from the elite package, plus HBO and Showtime.

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