Top 5 Reasons To Buy Galaxy Note 8

Note fans had been waiting impatiently for something revolutionary after the Note 7 failed to make an impression with the faulty battery. After the announcement of Note 8, fans were desperate to lay their hands on the majestic phone which had already revealed its grandeur through leaked images and videos. Along with the big screen size, its price is big too! Even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most costly smartphones available right now, there are some cool considerations that would make it a right purchase for you. Here are top 5 reasons to buy Galaxy Note 8.

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Reasons To Buy Galaxy Note 8

S Pen

This is one of the most obvious and the preeminent reasons to buy Galaxy Note 8. The S Pen beats it all! There has been an addition to the list of features making the Stylus much cooler to use than before. You can now make your own animated GIF by selecting a section of choice video and share it on message or social media. You can doodle pictures with a range of pens, colors, and brushes to create the picture you like – go as creative as you like! You don’t have to unlock your Note to take down notes, just scribble with your S Pen and pin it on Always on Display to keep it handy. You can write up to 100 pages. You can also translate sentences or words to the language of your device. It serves as a currency converter. Also, it lets you cut in different shapes and size so for instance if you need to send a location

What’s more, it serves as a currency converter. It also lets you cut in different shapes and sizes. For instance, if you need to send a location directly to someone just cut the exact direction and send it in a message instead of sending the whole map. Additionally, you can move between two apps easily and also magnify a certain area that is small and inconvenient to see.


Reasons To Buy Galaxy Note 8

The front selfie camera of the smartphone is 8 megapixels while the rear shooter is a 12 megapixel. Not only does the Note 8 has a dual camera but it also comes with dual OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) which stabilizes the captured image even if your hand is shaky. The 2x zoom enables you to zoom in clearly and the dual OIS help in taking crystal clear shots every time. The Bokeh effect which everyone is one is fond of now comes as a Live focus in Note 8. You can adjust the background blur according to the requirement and then click. If you think you would have blurred the background more then you just have to go on the picture and increase the blur.

The camera captures details that are outside the frame so you can see the missed moments. The F1.7 lens makes the best of the dimmest light and captures bright pictures in the dark. There are different modes such as Panorama, Food Mode, Pro Mode and Slow Motion. Each mode is special and gives different stunning looks to the pictures and videos captured.

DeX Station

DeX is in the group of the top reasons to buy Galaxy Note 8. Although this isn’t a new feature that Samsung is offering but you can do so much more with DeX now – the user experience has simply achieved a new height with things that can be done with DeX. All you need to do it let your Note 8 sit in a DeX dock and enjoy your mobile screen on the computer. With a mouse and keyboard, you can do many productive things. Once connected to the system your apps will open up in the desktop space and you can view up to 36 apps on a single page. All the apps that were restricted to open full screen by Samsung DeX Labs earlier can now be force – opened by using a toggle button on the Settings of the desktop. Imagine how exciting it would be to play Android games full screen on a big screen using the shortcut keys and mouse as your controls.

You can also make live changes on presentations while you video conference and if you need to make a move you can pluck your phone from the dock and continue your conference without being disconnected.

Secure Folder

Are you tired of friends and family members borrowing your phone and then peeking into your private pictures or apps? If you wish to hide things from others – maybe pictures, bank statements, tax returns videos or even social security accounts you can keep them in the Secure Folder which can be recovered only with iris scan, PIN, fingerprint or face scan you can disable these security layers when if you want to later on. In fact, you can also hide the folder too so no one gets curious to check its contents. The Secure Folder can be set up from Settings on your smartphone.

Battery Life

Reasons To Buy Galaxy Note 8

The last in the list of reasons to buy Galaxy Note 8 is that the smartphone has a long battery life. Fans who were quite disappointed by Samsung Note 7 can be relieved now. The battery of Note 8 is 3,300 mAh which is small compared to Note 7 but it is quite safe and gives you hours of usage. You can play games, video call, take calls, browse the net or listen to songs the battery will easily last for a whole day. The battery of Note 8 has been put through several tests and there is no overheating problem in the phone while charging and using it.

Although these are the top 5 reasons to buy Galaxy Note 8 there are many other smart features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which make it so amazing. The phone manages to capture your heart instantly and its prices start from $925 and go up to $1,329. The difference in price is because of the colors and the storage capacity of the phone. You can buy Note 8 from online stores or visit your nearest retailer.

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