Top 5 PHP Frameworks

PHP is the most reliable programming language to create web enabled interfaces, and this language can be learned easily. There are several already built PHP frameworks available on the Internet and those can be used to achieve the business objective without starting from the scratch. Here are the top 5 PHP frameworks which you can use for project implementation.


PHP frameworks

PHP frameworks



Laravel is a PHP Framework that is best preferred for its user-friendly but powerful tools that facilitate the building of large complex applications as well as simple JSON APIs. It is appropriate for tasks of all sizes. The Framework is highly expressive and precise, diminishing the drag out of web development. It is built on top of several Symfony components and works well on Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite.



Symfony is one of the best PHP Frameworks, that is acknowledged for boosting the pace of not only web application creation but also its maintenance. With this Framework, you are free to choose the software components that you wish to utilize, by providing for prefabricated components, which can be easily integrated into your application. It also provides the option of choosing the Full Stack version, Micro framework and Brick by Brick to suit your requirements.



Phalcon is another useful PHP Framework that offers the option of using the framework as whole or just certain parts. It promises high performance with low resource consumption; it saves the processor time as well as enhances the general performance. Though the Framework is based on the C Language, there is no requirement to learn the language.



If you are looking for a high-performance PHP Framework that is proficient in working with AJAX, Yii is the right choice. Yii facilitates the integration of other frameworks into the Yii application to meet your more specific needs. It promises security to avoid the cross sites scripting and reduces the time consumed for development.



CodeIgniter is an uncomplicated yet potent PHP Framework. It facilitates projects of designers who have value for the presentation. It is a high speeded framework that is a hassle free and promises user satisfaction. It is suitable for both simple tasks as well as complex ones. It has a wide set of libraries that facilitate the application building.


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