Top 5 iOS 11 Issues, Problems and Fixes – The Most Controversial Release by Apple since iOS 7

Top 5 iOS 11 Issues, Problems and Fixes – The Most Controversial Release by Apple since iOS 7

Before the release of iOS 11, the release of iOS 7 in 2013 was the most controversial, as it changed the basic look of an iPhone. However, iOS 11 is criticized in a much worse manner this time as it full of bugs and performance issues. Due to its buggy nature, we’ll be able to see the next generation iOS version sooner than it usually does. We have seen a thread going on Reddit where fans have been discussing the problems pertaining to iOS 11 and features they would like to see in iOS 12.

iOS 11 – Apple’s rockiest release over the years

iOS 11 has been hugely criticized because of the problems pertaining to it which can be classified mainly into the following categories:

  • Security holes
  • Performance issues
  • Bugs

Problems pertaining to iOS 11 and ways to solve them 

Issue #1: iOS 11 slows down the iPhone

Of course, this was one thing that none of the users of iPhone were happy to hear. Apple acknowledged their degraded batteries and slowing down of the phones’ CPU since the release of iOS 11. Apple, however, offered the solution to this by offering a cheap battery replacement and a new feature called Disable Performance Throttling in the upgrade in iOS 11.3.

Apple iphone slow

Issue #2: Crashing of messaging and email apps

iOS 11 is crashing the devices by disabling the key apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Messages. One solution to this is upgrading to the latest version of iOS 11 which is the iOS 11.3. You may also factory reset the phone to prevent it from crashing.

Issue #3: Distorted order of messages

Are you finding it difficult to search a message? This is because of the distortion of the order of messages, a bug in the iOS 11 software. A simple solution to this is to upgrade to iOS 11.2.5 or later which has this bug fixed and the messages can be nicely ordered.

Issue #4: Battery Status indicator disappeared

According to Forbes, the battery status indicator has disappeared in the 11.2.6 upgrade. There is no clear-cut solution to the problem. However, you can navigate through the Phone’s screen-settings -> Battery status. Updating to iOS 11.3 would help dodge the problem.

iPhone X Battery Indicator

Issue #5: iPhone crashing again and again

According to the report by MacRumors, iPhones on iOS 11.1.2 faced the problem of the crash loop where in the iPhone would crash and auto restart repeatedly. The issue first popped up on December 2nd, 2017. If you are also experiencing the same problem, make sure to upgrade the software. If you are unable to upgrade due to crash loop, you may try setting the date manually to a date before December 2 or Disable Local notifications.

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