Top 5 Best Jailbreak Tweaks – Take Advantages of Best Fixes

Up until now, there was no jailbreak available for the iOS 10. However, Ian Beer and Luca Todesco, who is already famous in the jailbreaking industry, we can enjoy a particularly useful tool. As such, if you didn’t upgrade to the iOS 10.2, you are one of the lucky people who can take advantage of the recent release. However, it’s still a beta version, so you may encounter lots of issues. Check out the following list of 5 best jailbreak tweaks that will make your life easier!


This tweak is available for free and it is developed by the BigBoss Repo team. It brings more color to your background blur, especially when you are using 3D Touch for an app or the Quick Actions menu. Basically it colorizes the background of the menu in a dynamic manner, in order to match the dominant color of the app you are using at the moment. Despite this, the menu will remain the same, you will only see the background blur being changed.


Evanesco represents one of the most recent jailbreak tweaks released for the iOS 10 by the BigBoss Repo. It is available for free, and what it does is that it fades out elements on your screen (such as status bar, icons and dock) whenever a phone is idle. As such, you are able to admire the wallpaper entirely, without it being covered by app icons and other things, as it usually happens. This works only until the phone becomes active again.

Status Switcher

Yet another jailbreak tweak released by the BigBoss Repo for free, the Status Switcher brings up the Status Bar for the App Switcher on the iOS 10 devices. This release comes as a response to Luca Todesco’s jailbreak tweak release, which set the tone for quite a competition in the industry. With the tweak, you can make sure that you will never be left without the signal strength, the time or the battery.

Apps Manager

It might be already boring to say this, but yes, the Apps Manager tweak is also developed by the BigBoss Repo and it is available for free. It is indeed quite old, or at least compared with the other tweaks that managed to get on the list. Even so, it was updated and it is now compatible with the jailbreak released by Todesco. It still has some valuable service to offer, which is securing the data on your phone. With it, you can import, export, wipe your data, back it up and restore it, and you don’t even have to pay anything for it.

iCleaner Pro Beta

The final entry on this list is also the first one that is not released by the BigBoss Repo. In fact, it was created by Ivano Bilenchi’s Beta Repo, but it is still free. Before, it used to be a junk removal tool for the jailbroken iOS products, but now it has received some updates. Consequently, it offers support for people who are using jailbroken iOS 10 devices. You should know that after being used on some devices, the tweak made them (the iOS 10.1.1 ones) respring, usually after the display becomes black.


We all know that jailbreak tweaks are extremely important in making our lives easier, especially after going through the entire process of jailbreaking a device. The list above represents just a brief top 5 of all the free jailbreak tweaks you will find online, but of course there are plenty more: OpenSSH, Preference Loader, Substrate Safe Mode, 3D Switcher, Alkaline, Always First Swipe etc.

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