Top 5 Best Android Navigation Apps

Google Maps is objectively the best and most popular navigation app in the world. Its extended user fan base appreciates it for its many handy features that make it friendly and useful no matter what you need it for. With Google Maps you can drive around your city, plan trips, find public transportation in your area and even be a happy, informed pedestrian. You can find any type of location near you, and it’s an overall great choice. But sometimes you just want something new, so here are other five good apps in this category that you can try out.

  1. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo, formerly known as HERE Maps, is more like Google Maps than any other map on this list. This is why it’s on first place. It has a lot of robust features and it also works offline, which is a great advantage. It also allows you to call a taxi straight from the app and it offers you an approximate price for your route, which makes it handy for public transportation purposes as well.

The only reported major flaw of this app is that its data sometimes become out of date due to the fact that it’s not owned by such a massive corporation as Google that provides it accurately, live information.

  1. Waze

Waze is actually also equally good and deserves first place, but due to formatting reasons, we have to differentiate between it and HERE WeGo in terms of position in this top five. Waze is owned by Google, which means that it has access to a varied pool of traffic and mapping data that make it the best choice for drivers all over the world.

But by far the best thing about Waze is the fact that it’s sustained by its community of users, which do their due diligence and report accidents, traffic jams, road block or police patrols along their route. This, in turn, helps other drivers get real-time information on what’s going on in their city’s streets.

  1. MapFactor GPS Navigation

This option is not so popular among users, but it’s one worthy of mentioning and deserving of its third place in this top because it offers a unique open source format. However, you have to pay to download each map, which might be seen as counterproductive by users that are used to amazing and free services. But MapFactor is unique, and it’s that uniqueness that you pay for.

  1. Citymapper

The app’s name, unfortunately, does it justice, because it’s good only for cities. If you live somewhere in the countryside, this app won’t be of much help to you because it focuses solely on urban areas. On top of that, it’s not that driver-friendly, so if you want it to guide your driving you’re better off choosing something else on this list or sticking to the old and trustworthy Google Maps.

Citymapper is great for public transport, however. It even offers you Uber pricing within the app, as well as the cost, routes and schedules of any other public transport networks and means in the desired city.

  1. Maps.Me

Maps.Me is totally free and it also doesn’t display ads, which is major advantage it has over other apps in this list (we’re looking at you, MapFactor). The app is highly functional, works well offline and has good UI. You can ever plan a route for later in it, which is amazing for a free independent app. All in all, it’s a good navigation app for both cities and rural areas, but it’s not our first choice here for obvious reasons.

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