Top 10 Features Of Moto Turbo

The new flagship of Droid, Motorola Droid Turbo is on the market now and it has captured the market perfectly. With so many new and exciting cool features Moto Turbo is most probably the leading device now in the U.S. market. And if you too have a plan to have this smartest device, knowing about the cool features is really needed. So, we are listing here the top 10 features of Moto Turbo to make your purchase more thriving.

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Top 10 features of Moto Turbo


Operating system

Currently, Moto Turbo is running on android 4.4.4 KitKat but soon it will be upgraded with the latest Android 5 Lollipop. The new OS will let you enjoy so many impressive apps along with excellent user interface, great connectivity, and other attractive features.

features of Moto Turbo

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The display of Moto Turbo has been called as the sharpest display in the Smartphone, so you can better understand about the quality of the display. Yes, it has a 5.2-inch AMOLED display that is protected with Cornia Gorilla Glass 3. 1,440-x-2,560 resolution and 565 PPI packed with around 16 million colors, is just perfect to let the users enjoy any movie, video, and everything.

Top 10 features of Moto Turbo

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Modern design

Moto Turbo came with a perfect design where the case of this model is made of durable and high-quality material ballistic nylon that made the phone very light weight along with easy grip. The casing also contains a water coating to save the device from rain and spills. The weight of the phone is only 6 ounce with a small thickness.


Excellent battery life

Next comes the battery life. Yes, you might be surprised to hear that the epic battery life of Moto Turbo can make the phone alive for long 48 hours. This is really amazing when most of the Smartphone users are striving to get a better battery life. Also, just a 15-minute charge will provide eight hours battery life.

features of Moto Turbo

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21 MP rear camera is something that will raise the eyebrows of many Smartphone users. Slow motion videos, auto HDR, Dual LED Flash, excellent zoom, panorama, burst mode and autofocus are the features of the camera that help altogether to capture high-quality images. Also, the 2MP front camera will allow the users to have the selfie, video chats and to capture HD videos.

features of Moto Turbo

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Moto Voice

Moto voice is one of the top features of Moto Turbo through which the users can control the phone without touching it. Yes, it works like Siri, Google Now, etc. where the users are required to speak up, and the rest will be done automatically. Even when the phone display is turned off, a pre-set launch phrase allows the users to start the Moto Voice feature anytime.

Top 10 features of Moto Turbo

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Faster performance

The quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor of 2.7 GHz is the reason for the faster performance of the phone. 3GB RAM is just enough to store many important things, which can be boosted to 32GB -64 GB. Furthermore, the memory can be expanded even more by using the micro SD-card. Other important internal features such as Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology, NFC technology, and Google Wallet made the phone much different from others.

features of Moto Turbo

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Moto action

Moto action is a similar feature just as the Moto voice where the users are not required to touch the phone to perform some tasks. Moto action is the features where the phone makes use of infrared sensor detect to sense the hand motion. When users wave their hand in front of the display, the display gets turned on automatically so that you can check the notification and time. Also, this feature lets the users snooze the alarm or silence an incoming call just by waving the hand over the screen.


Moto display

With Moto display feature, Motorola made it easier to check the notification. When a new notification, mail, message arrives on the phone, just a little press on that icon will display the preview of the message. And then you can either open the message by swiping the app or else swipe it to the side if not important.

features of Moto Turbo

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Noise cancellation feature

Noise cancellation is the amazing feature that will enhance the call quality by reducing and eliminating all the background noise thus lets you enjoy every call smoothly. So, this feature is really amazing that makes the experience much better as ultimately this is a phone that is mainly intended to make calls.

So, the top 10 features of Moto Turbo are discussed here, which will help you to have a right decision on the buying.


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