You Only Need $1 To Unblock 7+ Netflix Libraries, Disney+, And More

You Only Need $1 To Unblock 7+ Netflix Libraries, Disney+, And More

Do you ever wonder why can’t you find a particular movie on your Netflix while your friend who lives abroad has just recommended it? Netflix’s contents are different for each country due to territorial licensing. That’s why. The US has more movies, and TV shows list than other regions. If you wish to watch a movie from the US library, you must change your region to the US. To do that, you need a premium VPN service, and Ivacy is one of them. Find out the best VPN deal and coupon from Ivacy here.

Best VPN Deal 2021 To Unblock 7+ Netflix Libraries

Ivacy offers the most affordable VPN deals so far. With 90% off, you will be able to use their service for $1/month for five years. But, the lowest price is not the essential thing when it comes to VPN. The features and the experience they have should be above all. You can call yourself lucky to find an experienced VPN with great features but offers a very low price.

As Low as $1/Month 

Ivacy seems to have the lowest price compared to other popular VPN companies like Surfshark, NordVPN, Express VPN, etc. The recommended deal from a Singapore-based VPN company is $2.25 per month for two years plan with encrypted 2TB Cloud storage included as a bonus. For a comparison, Surfshark offers a $2.45/month for two years plan. While NordVPN gives you a 72% discount or $89 ($.33 per month) from its normal price of $322.65 for a two-year plan. 

The best VPN deal from Ivacy is live now for a limited time. It is your chance to get only $1.33/month for a 5-year plan. You will only be billed one time for $80 to enjoy Internet freedom for the next five years. Do you want more? Use “Ivacy20” as a 20% discount code on five years plan. It will reduce the price from $1.33 to approx just $1/month. Sounds like a deal?

Unblock 7 Netflix Libraries

You can use Ivacy to access Netflix content from all regions, including the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, the UK, and Australia. Some VPN services like HotspotShield can only unblock the US library. Cyber Ghost lets you access Netflix from 4 major libraries (US, UK, France, and Germany), while Nord VPN allows you to watch Netflix contents from 6 main countries.

Thousands of Servers Around The World

With 3500+ servers spread in more than 100 locations around the globe, Ivacy lets you switch the regions for online activities like shopping and streaming. While most VPNs don’t work in China, they have 6 servers in this region. It is helpful, especially when you travel to this country.

Fast Streaming

If you are worried that using a VPN service can slow down the streaming, you should try Ivacy VPN. They are one of the few VPN services that allow absolute Buffer-Free Netflix Streaming. Ivacy VPN constantly holding the first position in the fastest VPN benchmark on reputed online publications. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite movie on Netflix without being interrupted. 

Advanced Security Features

Ivacy VPN offers a dedicated secure downloading feature with P2P Optimized Servers and a bunch of cybersecurity features. Their IPv6 Leak Protection can prevent third parties from keeping tracking your online activities. Military-grade encryption can make all your online information indecipherable. Ivacy is also the first VPN company that introduced a technology called Split Tunneling. This unique feature lets you choose which data you want to send through your ISP and which ones go to the Ivacy VPN service.  

How To Unblock Netflix Libraries Using Ivacy VPN Is Easy

Ivacy has more than 10 years of experience in the VPN industry and has been improving its quality. No wonder they’ve got a 4.8/5 Trustpilot rating. Besides security reasons, users subscribe to the Ivacy service because it can unblock Netflix contents from all regions. After you subscribe to Ivacy, you can unblock Netflix libraries on up to 10 devices simultaneously using a single account. It is pretty easy to do it.

  1. First, subscribe to an Ivacy plan by clicking this link to get the best VPN deal from them, or you can also choose the other plans.
  2. Download the Ivacy VPN app on your devices. The app is available on all major platforms (Browser Extensions, iOS & Android Apps, Windows & Mac Apps, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, DDWRT Router Applet, and many other minor platforms also covered.
  3. Once the app is successfully downloaded on your device, launch the app or the extension on your browser and select the country you want to connect. Then, start streaming on Netflix. Enjoy!