Tipster Confirms Qualcomm’s Next is Snapdragon 710, Heading to Galaxy S10 in 2019?

Tipster Confirms Qualcomm’s Next is Snapdragon 710, Heading to Galaxy S10 in 2019?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was an incremental upgrade but it may not be the case with the Galaxy S10 heading to stores in 2019. According to a tweet, Qualcomm is preparing to bring the Snapdragon 710 to the next flagship smartphone from Samsung.

The 700 series processors are the next big thing from Qualcomm heading to the mobile space and the company announced it during the Mobile World Congress which was held in February. While the manufacturer didn’t specify a model number or when their next generation chipset will make its way to smartphones, a reputed tipster named Roland Quandt has tweeted that the Snapdragon 710 will be the first ever processor in the 700 series.

Significant Improvements in Performance

Powered by Qualcomm’s new AI engine, the 700 series processors will be able to make smartphone cameras better, capture better photographs in low light, improve overall device performance and reduce power consumption. It should lead to longer battery life and even flagship models might be able to run for two full days before it needs to be recharged.


Flagship Phones Expected to Adopt Snapdragon 710

While the tweet doesn’t provide any specifications about the smartphone, major Android experts suggest that the 710 will be the equivalent of the Snapdragon 845 currently being used in flagship models.

The processor will most probably be the one to be used in the Galaxy S10 when it gets launched in 2019 and it may also be used in Google’s Pixel 3 smartphone. Pixel 3 is expected to be announced much earlier towards the end of 2018 and Google might overtake Samsung to be the first to adopt Qualcomm’s technology to offer better battery life, performance and overall improvements.

Snapdragon 710 Vs Snapdragon 625

Many believe that the 710 is designed to be used in flagship model as the Galaxy S10 but a section of the Android community claims it will replace the Snapdragon 625 which is being used in most of the mid-range models. Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and many others find the 625 to be an able processor which offers the best of power efficiency and performance.

With no official information in sight, it is safe to say that this is purely speculation and should be considered an interesting discussion to participate in. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 is definitely going to be an amazing processor but you might have to wait until the company confirms whether it’s top of the line or a mid-range chipset for future models.



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