Time for Motorola’s G8 Series Smartphones; There may be Four, Moto G8, G8+, G8 Play & G8 Power

It has been quite some time since Motorola’s Moto G7 came into the market. It’s time for the Moto G8 series to make an entry. There are some details already available through certification sites. The usual rumours and speculations are also doing the rounds. One set of details are about the Moto G8 Play which is likely to be the successor to the Moto G7 Play. The moniker appearing on the FCC site has three codes, namely XT2015-2, XT2016-1, or XT2016-2. That could be due to the different markets.

Specs of the Moto G8 Play

Assuming that this phone with model number XT2015 and XT2016 will be launched as the Moto G8 Play, some specs can be shared. These include a 5.7-inch display. In the absence of any official confirmation, it is expected that the screen resolution will be an HD+ one 1520 x 720 pixels. A MediaTek processor is likely to be the primary engine. Again, it could be educated guesswork that it could be the MediaTek P70 or P60.

Moto G8 Play

Those making these predictions go by the actual specification available on the processor of its previous generation phone, the Moto G7 Play, and assume that the manufacturer will add some incremental specs. The FCC indicates the battery will be 4000 mAh. On the RAM front and storage, there is a doubt if it would be 3 GB+32 GB or 4 GB+64 GB. The other details are missing, including that of the optics section. One may have to wait for some more time to get the information.

Moto G8, G8 Plus and G8 Power Too in the Pipeline

While the Moto G8 Play may be at the lower end of the G8 series, the Moto G8 and G8 Plus models are likely to have higher-end specifications. What are available are some rumoured specs. The display is expected to be 6.3 inches; the screen resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio of 19:9. The processor is being predicted to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC. The RAM support is likely to be 4 GB though a higher 6 GB variant is not ruled out. The storage could be 64 GB and 128 GB to go with the RAM levels. The storage is likely to be UFS2.1.

The camera section too in the new phone is just guesswork right now. The prediction is that it would be a triple camera setup, with a 48 MP sensor, a 16 MP and a 5 MP sensor functioning as the secondary and tertiary sensors. A massive 25 MP sensor is being predicted as the front selfie camera.

There is no information on the dates of launch of these phones.

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