This Leaked (Fake) Insider Paper from Apple Made Big Reveals on Upcoming Products

A new leak on Apple made its way to the internet yesterday with only a few days left to the launch of the iPhone 11 series. This time an internal paper titled “Apple Software Development Resources,” that is for Apple employees, its engineering team, etc. was leaked. The paper’s edition for this September was obtained and released by popular Twitter tipster @applebeta2019, which is well known for releasing info on iOS beta versions. However, in a later update, Applebeta2019 tweeted that the document was apparently fake, and have now shut shop forever. Within just a few hours of the leak, the whole paper had been dissected by AppleInsider and every single nook and cranny that seemed to be of importance to users has made its way online. Although the paper reportedly provided some interesting new information, some of it was different from leaks that have been confirmed already.

All that Apple has in store

The leaked paper had also “confirmed” that the brandings for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 series phones – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which goes in line with the confirmed internal identifiers “N104,” “D42” and “D43,” respectively. Also, all three phones would run on the iOS 13.1.0, a beta version of which was seen last week. The paper also hinted that Apple’s new iPhone 11 series could see a market launch on 27th September and that users will also receive a new security patch within the next few days. Meanwhile, iOS 13.1 will launch sometime in October for all models.

If the paper were to be true, then apparently the new Apple Watch will be getting four new upgraded models which may see a launch at a special media event on the 10th of this month, which in all likeliness seems to go along with the iPhone launch. The model numbers are stated to be A2157, A2092, A2093, and A2156. The new models will run on standard watchOS 6 and will get a possible update to watchOS 6.1 next month.

The paper also stated that the iPad will also be getting two new models that are currently being internally identified as A2068 and A2198 according to the paper. These could see a market release in October, which suggests a launch on the same day as the new iPhones this month.  The A2068 is reportedly going to be an entry-level iPad for 2019. One the other hand, the A2198 is going to be an iPad Pro successor in all likeliness. Both models will run on iPadOS 13 out of the box.

And last, but definitely not the least – Mac users would finally get to see the launch of the much-awaited macOS 10.15 Catalina update on Sept. 23, alongside the launch of alongside iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13 according to the paper. Well, all in all, it definitely made for a good read, too bad it was fake! For now, all eyes are set on the event at Steve Jobs Theatre on 10th September, where Apple will launch the new iPhone 11 and the new Apple Watch. Stay tuned for all updates on the upcoming event!

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