This Leak from Rockstar Games Points to a Major GTA 6 Rumor Coming True

As we move closer to 2020, there’s more and more news on GTA 6 surfacing online with every passing day. While it’s highly speculated that the super anticipated game is very likely to release in 2020, the stone-cold silence that Rockstar Games has maintained all this while makes it very difficult for us to either confirm or deny most of the news that comes out on the matter. However, in lots of cases, rumors about the game from varying sources more or less match each other, which makes them all the more likely to be true. And now, yet another leak/reveal that’s surfaced online this week reaffirms some rumors we had heard earlier in a way.

GTA 6 leaks – What We Have Heard So Far

As mentioned above, 2019 saw tons of new scoops on the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6, especially since it seemed to be the only logical option to be Rockstar Games’ next project after they launched Red Dead Redemption 2. While some anonymous sources did claim that Bully 2 or a new mysterious open-world medieval game could be the next project in line from Rockstar Games before GTA 6, fans’ hopes for a 2020 release haven’t deterred one bit.

Yet another leak that created a sensation in the gaming world when it claimed that GTA 6 is coming out in 2020 is it’s going to be a PS5 launch exclusive title after Sony had allegedly paid a fortune for timed exclusive rights to the title. This ‘leak’ didn’t stop there and further went ahead to predict some major details about the PS5 even before they were announced officially, including backward compatibility and 8K support.

The South American Connection Reaffirmed

One major leak/rumor that has been shared by various sources in more or less the same versions is that the GTA 6’s storyline will revolve around a drug smuggler. Set in the 70s / 80s, the game will feature a new South American location as well. Now in a recent development at Rockstar Games offices, that last part was sort of reaffirmed once again a couple of days ago. According to a post on GameRant, Rockstar Games had apparently gifted some employees an extra treat ahead of Christmas – a goodie bag that had badges and other memorabilia related to Rockstar Games titles. The details of the said badges were first revealed in a post on a GTA 6 Reddit page.

GTA 6 Rockstar

What’s interesting here is that one of the said badges had the Rockstar Games logo on it with the flag of Columbia in the backdrop as can be seen in the above image. If nothing else, this definitely vents fire on the rumor of GTA 6 featuring a new location set in South America. However, with no confirmation on the news, it can’t be denied that this may have just been a coincidence. Rockstar might even be trying to troll the fans afterword on the South American GTA 6 rumors reached them.

What’s all the more annoying for fans right now is that there seems to be no way possible to confirm any of this right now with Rockstar keeping quiet the way they have always been. However, fans might find out if one major rumor is true or not in a few months’ time after all. Sony is allegedly going to officially unveil the PS5 during a major event in February. So, if GTA 6 is indeed going to be a PS5 timed launch exclusive as the rumor goes, then we may get to see Rockstar Games make an official announcement at the PlayStation 5 launch event.

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