This is What Happened to the iPhone X that Swam in the Ocean for 8 hours

This is What Happened to the iPhone X that Swam in the Ocean for 8 hours

If you were curious to know how improved the waterproofing of the iPhones has become after years and years of Apple releasing better and bigger phones then Reddit has got the best story for you. A user named lorislongfellow talked about what happened to his iPhone X after it got lost in the sea.

As all great lost iPhone stories begin with paddle boarding, so does this one. The user explains to all the other members of the Reddit community how during paddle boarding he lost his iPhone. He and his soon-to-be-fiancée had the great idea of heading to the beach to paddle board and kayak. After they would do these two water activities together, the user would want to propose to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, while he was using the board, the user falls back first into the water. After getting back on the paddling board, he realized that his iPhone X escaped his pocket and went for a swim.

The couple’s idea was to try to find it with snorkeling gear. Not too much time later, they have given this solution up as it was both pointless and taking too long ad the debris and sand would not let them find the phone. What was even less fortunate was that they could not use the Find my iPhone option or call it to find it due to the lack of signal underwater.

After they tried every possibility, the user decided to give his phone up and went on with the proposal. Eight hours after the celebration, the tide brings his phone back. The couple found the iPhone X in perfect state. They got it into a bag of rice, and everything went smoothly afterwards.

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