This Is a Sneak Peek of a Premium Smartwatch From Tag Heueur

Smartwatches and wearables are a new trend and fashion in the mobile computing world. It’s started from the launch of the Android wear, followed by the phenomenal device, Apple Watch. The new battle in the wearable industry started and one of the famous watch brands, Tag Heueur is also involved. Tag Heueur is one of the premium watch makers in the world that always comes with a premium class of watch. Through their official Twitter, they gave a sneak peek of their smartwatch in a low light situation. It looks mysterious and makes us curious, because we want to see its design, the software inside, and how they keep the premium class of the Tag Heueur brand.

This a Sneak Peek of a Premium Smartwatch From Tag Heueur

There’s no specification leaked yet, but I hope it will compatible with iOS and Android OS, which can make it the first premium smartwatch brand to compete with Apple Watch Hermes Collection, Samsung Gear 2, and other premium smartwatch models. You can see the countdown of their smartwatch launch on their official website. Here’s a premium smartwatch from Tag Heueur sneak peek.

Source: gsmarena, Tag Heueur

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