This Apple MacBook Rumor could delight the fans in 2020

This might sound not so credible, but there is a rumor that Apple may include in its 5G-enabled devices range in 2020, a MacBook Pro as well. The credibility factor arises from the previous experiences where the company was predicted to launch a laptop in the MacBook range with LTE connectivity option. This never became a reality. With the iPhones and iPads already having the connectivity provisions, there really appears no logic to have laptops also added to the list. For the record, however, top laptop makers Dell and HP and possibly others do intend launching 5G laptops this year itself.

US Markets May be the Prime Target

Even if one were to assume that this prediction is based on facts, there is no clarity on the frequency Apple Inc. will choose from the two alternatives available in the market. 5G connectivity is expected to deliver data speeds which will be in multiples of what you have been used to with the 4G devices. There is however a limitation; the distance from the source of the 5G modem. The higher mmWave technology will work only up to a specific distance. This is particularly critical in smartphones and tablets since the user may be moving around. With the tablet, this may not be an issue as long as it is used within a reasonable distance. The other sub-6GHz band that operates at low frequencies can also be used. It may not offer those very high speeds but it will still be much faster than 4G and distance is not a factor.

Apple MacBook Pro 2020

As mentioned, if Apple goes ahead and releases a MacBook Pro with 5G connectivity option, the company will have to choose the appropriate frequency. All these are with relevance to the US market where the 5G service has already been launched and may offer the largest scope for Apple to sell these MacBooks.

Processor Can be an Issue as Well

Apple has thoughtfully annexed the chipset making unit of Intel with the objective of ensuring its 5G iPhones launch in 2020 runs through smoothly. The market expectation is that the three models to be launched in 2020, the iPhone 12, 12 Max and 12 R will all be 5G enabled. It is also predicted that Apple may stick to the Qualcomm chipsets for the high-end models and Intel ones for the iPhone 12 R. The Intel unit taken over by Apple makes chipsets only for smartphones and tablets and not laptops.

With all these, one may take this prediction of a 5G-enabled MacBook Pro with a pinch of salt.

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