These 2018 iPhone X and iPhone 9 Press Renders are Incredible

This year is shaping up to be a great one for Apple fans. The Cupertino based tech giant announced that it plans to unveil the next-generation iPhone X lineup and the expectations are going through the roof. To make things even more exciting, a recent leak revealed that Apple is planning to launch a “surprise” affordable iPhone X model that will ship with a large LCD panel.

2018 iPhone Lineup Launch Date

Even though Apple didn’t announce the official launch date for the upcoming iPhones, we can be sure that it’s going to happen in September. Apple always launches its latest iPhones in September and to add more reason, Samsung confirmed that it will launch Galaxy Note 9 in August, thus forcing Apple to respond with the new iPhones.

iPhone X and iPhone 9 Press Renders

On the downside of things, Apple doesn’t really want to unveil any details about the features of the upcoming smartphones. The tech giant loves to announce its latest features, innovative design changes, and powerful hardware upgrades during launch events. However, Jonas Dähnert who is a designer has created a couple of render pictures which show us what iPhone X and iPhone 9 will look like.

Design Similarities and Differences

iPhone X and iPhone 9 will look exactly the same, but there is going to be one important difference between them, iPhone 9 is bigger. Jonas Dähnert created the iPhone 9 press render according to leaks and rumors which say that the upcoming handheld device will measure in at 6.1-inches.

Moreover, there is another significant difference that we need to note. Even though iPhone 9 will be bigger, it will ship with a single lens rear-mounted camera while the smaller iPhone X will feature a dual-lens camera setup. This is giving the new iPhone X a big advantage over iPhone 9 since the dual-lens camera setup can take better pictures which add depth in the Portrait mode.

Affordable iPhone X

As previously mentioned, Apple is looking to surprise everyone by launching an affordable iPhone X model. This handheld device will look just like iPhone X, but it will feature LCD screen technology. Not just that, but Apple will also compromise on some hardware power to make the device affordable.

All in all, we have to admit that Apple’s decision to create an affordable version of iPhone X is a great decision. This shows us that Apple doesn’t care only about profits and that it wants fans to be able to purchase high-end devices.

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