The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Launch Date for Delayed to 2019

The original game wrapped up back in 2014. The Wolf Among Us: A Telltale Series was based on the comic book series created by Vertigo, which is owned by DC Comics.

The game toys with the central concept of the comic book, that of fairytale characters living amongst us ordinary people, who in the game are called “mundies”. The five-part episode series followed the life of detective Bigsby Wolf. With stunning graphics and a detective noir style, the game immersed us in the crimes and misconducts that took place under Bigsby’s watch. The choose your adventure type of game got fans excited to carve the path of their choosing to the ending. Bigsby Wolf had to find a way to get the information out of those people that he interrogated. The way in which he did it was all in the hands of the player. It all felt incredibly realistic, realistic for a world filled with fairytale characters that is.

Original game awards

The game was so fantastic that it even got nominated for a D.I.C.E. award for the outstanding story category. This nomination was made by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. This is not all. The game even took two nominations during the 2014 BAFTA Games Awards. So we do not have to be the ones who tell you that the game was excellent, the nominations speak on their own. Sadly enough, the game did not win any of the categories where it got nominated.

The second installment delayed

Telltale Games has just announced that the second installment in this game series was just delayed to 2019. The Wolf Among us 2 was supposed to be released in the late part of 2018, but it looks like the game is going to take more time to see the light of day.

Why is that happening

The company did not pinpoint the exact culprit for this delay. They only said that the delay was caused by some fundamental changes that happened inside the company. This got people to think, and some have managed to pinpoint what they believe to be the cause. Back in November last year, the company laid off 90 members of their staff, around 25% of their whole workforce. They said back then that this move would not affect the release date for The Wolf Among Us 2, but it looks like things have changed.

What can we expect from the next game?

Regardless of this delay, the game is going to come still out so at least it is not getting canceled. What can we expect to see? Not much, to be honest with you. And that is only because we do not have a lot to base our theories on. All that we have so far is a teaser image of the logo for the second game with a winter-themed artwork.

We also know that the game will focus on an entirely different character this time, so we are confident that we will see a whole new world bloom before our eyes. Our only guess so far is that we may be dealing with fairytale creatures that live in a colder environment. And we only think of that due to the artwork design. However, nothing has been confirmed so far.

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