The WannaCry Ransomware String Continues to Threaten Even Further

The WannaCry Ransomware String Continues to Threaten Even Further

The past week has held some very important and troubling events regarding ransomware. While ransomware has been a noteworthy and on the rise threat for the longest time now, the new WannaCry variation of this form of cybernetic attacks has caused a lot of people grief during the last week. The bad news is that the ones responsible are still at large but the good news is that experts in security that are dedicating their time to finding the people responsible for WannaCry are one step closer to doing so each day.  So what is it that they have discovered?

Windows 7 as an entry point

It would seem that out of all the targets which were affected by WannCry this past week has been using Windows 7 as their operating system. What’s even more troubling is the fact that they didn’t have the latest security updates. This is pretty much a recipe for disaster as was proven through the attacks that took place.

In regions like Russia or China, the threat of WannaCry still exists and is quite potent, one might add. Security teams that are working in finding the people responsible say that their best chance of eradicating this threat is by finding patient zero in this situation. Not only that, but it would also help catch the ones that unleashed WannaCry upon the world.

The threat continues

They also advise that the attacks are preparing for a second, much more powerful wave. Currently, more than 300.000 internet addresses have been the victims of this form of ransomware, but what is coming would apparently make it pale in comparison since the new wave would feature a strengthened formula that would not have the flaws discovered in the initial version of WannaCry.

The way in which this ransomware string has been created is rather intriguing for specialists because it contains bits of complexity combined with amateur mistakes which confuses those trying to find out what kind of person would have created it. From what they’ve gathered, it would seem that WannaCry was created using spy tools stolen from the US National Security Agency. The spy tools in question were recently the subjects of leaks, which might explain how they’ve ended up in the hands of cyber criminals.

While no one should have to fear for their safety either in the real world or in the cybernetic space, and that the blame lies with those behind WannaCry for these attacks, the problem can be traced back to the fact t hat people are still using Windows 7 with no security updates on. Windows 7 has lost its extended support from Microsoft as announced previously by the tech giant, and the company behind Windows already expressed its concerns upon seeing that people were still reluctant to update to Windows 10, which has all the latest updates

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