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The Upcoming iPhone 2018 Will Have An Improved Battery Life

Apple is about to fix one of the most criticized issues of the iPhones: the battery efficiency. It appears that the upcoming iPhone models might have an improved battery life that is much better than the one of the previous models.

The new iPhones will come with a different chip, the A12 CPU one, which will manage to bring several improvements. The efficiency of the battery will be increased by 40%, but this is not the only enhancement.

Chip improvements

The speed of the upcoming smartphones should be increased as well. “Where the A11 had an impressive 4.3 billion transistors, we estimate the A12’s transistor count will fall somewhere between 5.5 and 6 billion,” explained the Macworld website. The current A11 CPU from the iPhone X uses a 10-nanometer architecture, while the next chip should have a 7-nanometer one.

Basically, Apple is working to add more transistors on a chip. Transistors allow electricity to pass through them, which leads to computing. Since the gap between transistors will decrease from 10 nanometres to, this means that Apple will be able to add more transistors in the same space.

The future iPhones should be able to handle more data, at faster speeds as well. Additionally, the smartphones won’t be slowed down by these improvements and the battery life won’t be affected either.

Other predictions for the next iPhones

We should get the next three models shipped in September and October. Face ID will continue to be a feature on all models, and we can also expect two premium versions which will come with an AMOLED screen. It is also likely that there will be two different AMOLED versions: a 5.8-inch model and a 6,5-inch one. A budget 6.1-inch version should be available as well.

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