The Toy-Like Budget iPhone 9 May Not Be For Your Taste

Apple plans to change a lot the upcoming new iPhones based on some rumors. One of these changes and the most requested is regarding the prices. The company will manufacture a budget iPhone for the fans who do not want to spend a lot of money on such a device, and it will look similar to the iPhone X. However, it is not all pink. It comes with a design problem that can’t be fixed.

iPhone 9 According to Ice Universe

Ice Universe, the mysterious, prolific, reliable and cat-loving tipster, gave us a confirmation regarding the next budget iPhone which will either be called iPhone 9 or budget iPhone X and will not be the more expensive second-generation iPhone X and iPhone X Plus’ look alike because it can’t. That can’t happen because of budget constraints. The tweet where all this information was shared says:

“The tempered film of the three iPhone 2018, we found that the 6.1-inch iPhone uses an LCD screen, its border is wider, and the 5.8 and 6.5-inch iPhone is an OLED screen with a narrower border.”

This also confirmes that Geskin was right. Apart from the developing of new cutting-edge display connector, Apple will not be able to minimize the bezels on the budget phone’s LCD as the expensive OLED’s ones which have the connector sit out of the way by bending their displays around the back.

There are two scenarios regarding this budget iPhone. A happy one in which the differences between the low-cost device and the expensive one are subtle and a not so happy one in which the iPhone 9 will look like a toy, assumption made based on 3D models.

If we do not take that detail into consideration, Apple deserves recognition for making an LCD iPhone featuring smaller bezels than a big part of the Android OLED phones. However, it is not such a smart move to have thick bezels tot the sides of the phone to stick to the iPhone X Plus and iPhone X design. It would have been better or iPhone 9 to be released with its unique appearance.

Moreover, what will give away iPhone 9 budget roots to others will be those thick sides. That might be considered a deal breaker by some buyers more than other such compromises. It is still to be seen how this budget iPhone 9 will look like so do not despair too early.

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